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Brazil Made an Absolute Decree on the Anti-dumping of China’s Stainless Steel Tableware

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In December 6, 2012, Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission issued a proclamation. The proclamation decided to levy anti-dumping duties of 19.70 US dollars per kilogram on stainless steel tableware imported from China, and the tax calendar is five years. The mercosur tariff codes of the related products are 82111000, 82119100, 82152000 and 82159910.
In December, 2010, TRAMONTINA, a Stainless steel enterprise in Brazil, initiated anti-dumping proceedings. The enterprise alleged that the price of the luxury stainless steel tableware imported from China is lower than that in Chinese market which is dumping. After investigation in the following days, Brazilian authorities concluded that the related products which China exported to Brazil had caused damage to the domestic enterprises in Brazil

Brazilian media indicated that the federal government was strengthening trade protection and the anti-dumping actions towards cheap Chinese products had not carried out according to the wishes of President Rousseff. Levying anti-dumping duties towards Chinese products including the above-mentioned stainless steel tableware cannot stop the growth of the imports in Brazil.

China Import and Export Documents Forms and Samples – Complete List

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China Import and Export Documents Forms and Samples - Complete List

Documentation is one of the difficult parts of international trade, even for veteran importers and exporters. We often received emails  from China Import Magazine readers, seeking help for documentation preparation, application and issuing.

It takes a while to compile the complete list of documents formats related with China import and export. If there is anything that I missed out, please do let me know by leave a message.

Documentation Samples List

Shipping documents
bill of lading
commercial invoice
packing list
air waybill
consular invoice
customs invoice
weight memo

Documents related with China Customs
customs declaration form   (in Chinese)

Documents issued by Entry-exit Inspection And Quarantine Of The People’s Republic Of China
inspection certificate  (in Chinese)
certificate for raw silk classification and conditioned weight
certificate of analysis
fumigation/disinfection certificate
phytosanitary certificate
animal health certificate
veterinary (health) certificate
health certificate
sanitary certificate
inspection certificate of quantity and weight
quality certificate

Certificate of Origin
certificate of origin for imports of agricultural products into the european economic community
certircate of authenticity fresh’emperor’table grapes
certircate of authenticity tobacco
certificate of origin(textile products)
certificate of origin form f for china- chile fta (Form F)
certificate of hong kong origin
china-singappre free trade area preferential tariff certificate of origin
form for the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of the People’S Republic of China and the Government of New Zealand
certificate of origin china-pakistan fta (Form P)
certificate of origin asia-pacific trade agreement (Form B)
asean-china free trade area preferential tariff certificate of origin (Form E)
form a
certificate of origin

Export Permit, Quote or License
export licence for dual-use items and technologies of PRC
permit/certificate for import/export & re-export (convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora)
clearance notification for environmental management on import/export of toxic chemicals
temporary textiles export licence of the people’s republic of china

Insurance Documents
Insurance Policy
Insurance Policy Application Form