Arbitration Fee Schedule for Foreign-Related Cases

(This fee schedule applies to the arbitration rules Article III, arbitration cases item 1 and item , and come into force since May 1, 2005 )

For arbitration, each case shall charge a filing fee of 10,000 RMB, including the costs for review of the arbitration application, filing, input, computer program application, and filling-up.

In case when the amount in controversy is undetermined or under special circumstances, the amount of application fees shall be determined by the secretariat of the Arbitration Commission or the secretariat of the branch of the Arbitration Commission.

If the arbitration fees are paid in foreign currency, the total amount shall be equivalent of the RMB stipulated in the arbitration fee schedule.

In addition to charging fees according to the Arbitration Fee Schedule, the Arbitration Commission may collect other extra, reasonable and actual expenses in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Arbitration Rules.

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