Brazil Made an Absolute Decree on the Anti-dumping of China’s Stainless Steel Tableware

In December 6, 2012, Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission issued a proclamation. The proclamation decided to levy anti-dumping duties of 19.70 US dollars per kilogram on stainless steel tableware imported from China, and the tax calendar is five years. The mercosur tariff codes of the related products are 82111000, 82119100, 82152000 and 82159910.
In December, 2010, TRAMONTINA, a Stainless steel enterprise in Brazil, initiated anti-dumping proceedings. The enterprise alleged that the price of the luxury stainless steel tableware imported from China is lower than that in Chinese market which is dumping. After investigation in the following days, Brazilian authorities concluded that the related products which China exported to Brazil had caused damage to the domestic enterprises in Brazil

Brazilian media indicated that the federal government was strengthening trade protection and the anti-dumping actions towards cheap Chinese products had not carried out according to the wishes of President Rousseff. Levying anti-dumping duties towards Chinese products including the above-mentioned stainless steel tableware cannot stop the growth of the imports in Brazil.

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