Cancellation After Verification & Tax Refund In Chinese Enterprises

Required Materials for Cancellation after Verification &Tax Refund

First:  Materials Required for Cancellation of Foreign Exchange after Verification

1, Certificate for Cancellation of Foreign Exchange after Verification

2. Customs Declaration Form (For Export Proceeds& Verification Purpose), [After the Form is submitted through E-Port]

3. Bank Slip

4. Export Verification Form (in duplicate)

Required Materials for Tax Refund

1. Certificate for Cancellation of Foreign Exchange after Verification (for Export Tax Rebate Purpose, Already Written -Off)

2. Customs Declaration Form (for Export Tax Rebate Purpose) [After the Form is submitted through the Export Tax Rebate Sub-section of the E-Port]

3. Income Invoice (certified)

4. Export Invoice (Not Always Required)

Bounding the 4 sheets with front cover and back cover according to the orders above

Besides, one USB flash disk and another 3 sheets are also needed.

To carry out this procedure, please refer to another top post: The working technique of Tax Rebate System 9.0. After carrying out all the procedures, another 3 sheets can be printed out and transferred to the USB flash-drive

1. Summary of Export Tax Rebate Sheets (one sheet)

2. Detailed Export Statement of Export Tax Rebate (In Triplicate)

3. Detailed Stock Statement of Export Tax Rebate (In Triplicate)

4. The Materials Generated after the Official Declaration Shall be transported to the USB Flash-Drive

Second: The General Export Process

1. Apply for the Verification Sheet

2. To make on line port record of Verification Sheet and custom declaration materials (provide the packing list, invoice, customs power of attorney , general trade declaration , verification form , etc. to the freight forwarding for the sake of custom declaration)

3. Hauling Service& Factory Loading (Noted: most of the cases are of the FOB price and freight forwarder is designated by the customer. If circumstances permitted, one can arrange the haulage instead of using the designated freight forwarder out of the concern of the cost)

4. Starting Shipment

5. During the shipment, to ensure timely tax rebate, factories shall be asked to make timely billing, verification, remittance and order requests.

6. After the documents were returned, the Certificate for Cancellation of Foreign Exchange after Verification and the Custom Declaration Form shall be submitted to the E-port first.( enterprises can choose to carry out this procedure before the return was made)

7. Cancellation after Verification

8. Tax Rebate

Third, the Time of Export Tax Rebate & Documents

The general procedures are as follows: Invoice Certification—Bank settlement (Bank Slip Provided) — Cancellation after Verification—Tax Rebate

But in reality the process can not always be followed for many reasons, such as the remittance having not been received on time. Under such circumstances, other approaches can be adopted. Here is a general introduction:

First, if the remittance is not received on time, one can always make a short-term loan on from other bank slips.

Second, Many places allow the reports of tax rebate to be carried out 90 days in advance without the cancellation of verification so as not to exceed the time limit, which is called reports for incomplete documents. It is plausible to supply the verification later.

Please note that the deadline of the verification is 180 day from the export. If the remittance is not received within 180 days, even the tax rebate report made in advance will be as useless as those domestic. Therefore, calling for the remittance is rather important to.

The Time Schedule:

1 Tax reporting period: 90 days

2 Verification Period: 180 days

3 Invoice Certification Period: 90 days. But there is an unwritten rule in the foreign trade enterprise need to certify the invoice within 30 days.

Fourth, Documents Record Keeping

After the tax rebate is reported, the documents should be recorded within 15 day. The documents needed are as follows:

1. A Detailed Statement for Documents Record

2 BL

3 Shipping Note

4 Station Receipt

5 Purchase Contract

At some place two more documents were specially required: one is a copy of declaration the custom, and the other is a Detailed Export Statement.

Bound the documents with cover and place it in the Division for future reference.


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