Certificate of Fumigation

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Definition of the Certificate of Fumigation

Certificate of Fumigation is to certify the export cereals, oilseeds, pulses, hides and other goods, as well as the wood packaging and vegetable stuffing have been fumigated.

Ways of Fumigation

Disinfection methods: fumigation with methyl bromide -MB, Heat Treatment-HT; (by using chemical agents < such as methyl bromide> to fumigate wood packaging, although the long-horned beetle, the dissemination medium of pine wood nematode, could be killed, the pine wood nematode itself could not be completed rid of. While Heat Treatment could kill long-horned beetle and the pine wood nematode both at the same time.

Fumigation is to kill the insects in the woods with chemical agent, while the heat treatment is to do so through high temperature and humidity. Besides, the heat treatment can also reduce the moisture content of wood, which fumigation is not capable of. Therefore, many world-renowned international companies (MOTO) has clearly stated that fumigation is not allowed.

Why Fumigation Is Necessary

In international trade, in order to protect the domestic resources, countries will implement compulsory quarantine procedures on all the imported products. And the fumigation of the wood packaging is a mandatory measure taken to prevent the pests from damaging the forest resources of the importing country. Therefore, exports of goods containing wood packaging must be fumigated before the shipment. therefore, it is an effective way of Disinfection.

Products Need Fumigation

Refers to the materials generally used in packaging, bedding, support, and reinforcement of goods. Such as wooden boxes, crates, pallets, pad positions, casks, chocks, linings, axes, pegs and so on. All the logs must be fumigated and stamped with the Mark of IPPC.

Sample of the Certificate of Fumigation

4 comments on “Certificate of Fumigation”

  1. Ihrig

    Dear Sirs,

    could you pls specify the new regulations with regards to fumigation of export goods from China valid from 1st of July on.


    1. Xixi

      Hi Ihrig,

      I didn’t notice there is new regulation on fumigation of export goods from China released on July 1st.

      Best regards,

  2. Jon

    Does the fumigation apply to all wood products (such as wood sample parts) or just wood packaging?

    1. Xixi

      Dear Jon,

      Depends on countries. Can you let me know which country you are from?

      Best regards,


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