Container Loading Supervision Service

Container Loading Inspection is used to ensure the suppliers send the right products, the products are properly packed, loaded and then shipped, it is often used when buying from new suppliers.

Features of our container loading supervision Serivce:
1) Videos of whole loading process
2) Pictures records of container loading
3) Comprehensive report

What Included in Our Container Loading Inspection Service?
We provide the status of the container itself
The right goods, no replacement of products possible
The quantity of the boxes is exact
The loading will be done with care (limitation of broken goods due to loading)
The inspector will call the office immediately for important issues found, to ensure that you get immediate feedback
The container is forwarded to your company
We put a seal on the container
We perform a final check on the products, packing, etc.

Container Loading Supervision Report(CLS) DOWNLOAD   (it may take up to 30 seconds to load)

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2 responses to “Container Loading Supervision Service”

  1. Tim Stack says:

    We import into Australia, a number of different products from China.

    We are looking at a service agent, to receive and pack into a container, and possibly organise sea freight to the port of Melbourne.

    There are approximately 5-6 different suppliers.

    Do you offer this service?
    Can you please send me some information and pricing structure.
    I would like to visit your warehouse and meet with you.

    Best Regards

    Timothy Stack

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Timothy,

      Thank you for your interest in our shipping and consolidation service.

      Could you let me know the following:
      1) the location of your suppliers – so we can suggest the closest port for consolidation
      2) products you buy from each supplier, quantity, carton numbers, carton dimension, gross weight
      3) are your suppliers having export license(so they can handle the export procedure including customs clearance)

      We will send a quote based on your information to above questions.

      Look forward to working with you.

      Best regards,
      Steven Chow

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