Customs Clearance Service (CIE) is a specialist customs broker.

Our business is clearing your goods through customs. Fast. It’s that simple.

Whatever you import or export, CIE can make it easy for you.

Our customs clearance services include:

  • Gateway Clearance
  • Courier Clearance
  • General Trader Clearance
  • Personal Customs Clearance

In business since 2006, we are market leaders and experts in our field.

We provide customs clearance solutions for businesses of all sizes including courier companies, wholesalers, retailers and e-commerce businesses and even private individuals.

Our tailored and attentive services take the headache out of every type of importation.

Maybe you’re a courier company importing your clients’ consignments: Maybe you bring wholesale or retail shipments into China every week of the year; Maybe you import fashion, furniture or food, books, CDs or DVDs, kitchen equipment or motor components.

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16 responses to “Customs Clearance Service”

  1. Luca La Sala says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I need to export to China some Powder Coating. Can you help my clients with custom clearance operations?
    For more details pls reply to:
    Mr. Luca La Sala
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  2. Furqan says:


    I want to bring diamonds in to China for setting in gold jewellery which I will buy from the factory in China. So basically the factory will provide for gold mold, and labor services and use the diamonds I provide.

    Then I will need to re export that jewellery back to UAE.

    Please let me know if this is possible.

    How is VAT and refund processed and if you can do the both for me?



  3. Hi
    I am visiting Hangzhou from Johannesburg South Africa
    I am interested in purchasing some furniture (cupboards, beds lounge suite)
    Can you help in assisting for transport and customs, etc to South Africa
    Where is lucong market and best place in Hangzhou for furniture
    Cassim Docrat

  4. Hi,

    I’m wondering what kind of exports out of China require CIQ documents? I am exporting different products and have found that I needed to pay an extra fee for CIQ’s that are not part of the EXW’s on one product, but not on the other.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Christi,

      If you can send me the list of products name and more importantly HS code, I can check for you which one need CIQ documents.

      Best regards,

  5. Aakash Kansal says:


    I am planning to import Bio Diesel from China (Tianjin Port) to Delhi, India. I have found the company from whom I wish to buy. The price and everything is done. I just need an clearing who can arrange the containers for me and get the clearing done at the Tianjin Port.

    Thank You

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Aakash,

      Please confirm the following information:
      1) what trade term you are dealing with supplier? under FOB, they need to take care of custom clearance in China
      2) if you need to do custom clearance, please let us know the HS code
      3) how many quantity, CBM, gross weight?

      Best regards,

  6. wong says:


    I’ll start export material to Pudong,CN by Air, which required Form E.
    1) What will be the docs required fm shipper(us)& also c’nee?
    2) Any rules/guide for the docs requirement for CN Import clearance (wt Form E)?
    3) Do you have service to assist c’nee to make clearance wt Form E?


    • Xixi says:

      Hi Wong,

      Please provide HS code for the products and product name, so we can check what documents it will be needed.
      Do you mean you can provide Form E or can not provide Form E?

      Best regards,

  7. terry says:

    Hi, i want to send goods to china from australia into individuals hands, australia direct shipping, how long would you take to clear the customs? any restrictions on anything that you cant clear?i

  8. Yumna says:

    Good day

    I have sent a parcel via RAM Couriers. Could you please advise regarding customs clearance and customs duties and vat payment

    Thank you

  9. Dear sir,

    i want to export my football hscode:9506.6210 and Gloves code4203.2910 to china and my customer need this shipment home delivery of 20″container so plz give me information for handeling charges of forwarder for my container from port and how much duties i have to pay on invoice value.

  10. jasmine chua says:

    Hello, can you assist me with import export custom clearance from Singapore to China, goods of 100 iPads.

    With thanks,

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