Import Export Broker Service is a professional trading company in China, that has rich experience in import and export of hundreds of products in 20+ industries, including textile, apparel, footwear, electronics, machinery, furniture, hardware, construction material, and more.

As your trusted import and export agent, we will handle:
Export procedure
Tax, custom duty and accounting
Documents preparation
Customs clearance
Commodity inspection(if needed)
Fumigation (if needed)
Shipping arrangement

Why Us?
– has been providing import/export service in China since 2007
– We have provided one stop export brokerage solution to 300+ western buyers for different sizes
– We handle all aspects of export including tax, customs, shipping, documents and inspection.

Contact Us
Email info@chinaimportexport.orgn or call 0086 451 8333 0833 to import and export service now.

192 responses to “Import Export Broker Service”

  1. FELIX EJESU says:

    I want to import Jeans from China to Uganda. (Men, women and Children jeans)

    is it possible??

  2. We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter from Gujarat(India). We are running 2 Ginning & Pressing units having capacity of 500 Bales per day.

    We are looking for trustworthy agent in china who help us to have long lasting business of Cotton Bales in China.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam

    I will be manufacturing Pre-cast concrete products in china, selling synthetic grass, LED rope lights and Marble/granite products to Australia, UK, NZ, and Canada.

    I intend to use a 40 foot container from Shenzhen or Ningbo, not sure yet.

    Can your company organize shipping to these countrys?

    Regards Peter.

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Peter,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      We will need the following information to quote ocean freight:
      1) product specification, quantity, gross weight, CBM
      2) supplier location(how far away from the port – So we can quote domestic container shipping fee)
      3) the estimated date of shipping (price vary over time)
      4) destination port

      We will provide accurate quote as soon as receiving replies to above questions.

      Best regards,

      Steven Chow Team

      • Divya says:

        Dear mam,

        Pls provide us your best rates for below query with insurance.

        Sha to Del

        1 x40”

        Weight : Approx 18 to 20 ton
        Comm : General goods

        We are waiting for your soonest reply.

        Thanks Regard


    dear sir/ madam
    we need scrape of marine plywood from china shipbreaking yard. sepcially of finald’s vessel or finland’s plywood.
    size: 2×6,3×6,x4x6 fit or any
    thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm , 25mm or any
    glue: wbp marine.
    core(wood) birch.
    surface: both side laminated or any.
    plywood must be origin of finland. And as per urope standard specification.
    quantity: minimum 20 fit container , maximum 10 conatiner of 40 fit high cube.
    including cut peace.
    note: this kind of plywood is specially used in bathroom and toilet or water application use in vessel.

    dear sir if you have this kind of information or any supplier from china ship breaking yard , please reply with detailed information.
    thanking you.
    jignesh gadhia
    +91 99093 70700.

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Jignesh,

      Thanks for the inquiry.

      Our sourcing expert will get in touch with you within 24 hours, after a brief research.

      Steven Chow Team

  5. kaartik says:

    i want to import commercial gym equipment from china

  6. Thomas says:

    I would like to purchase a leather trim in Italy, ship to China to make keyrings, then export again.
    We can’t get the material into China. Can you import on our behalf and deliver to Dong Guan office?

    What info do you need?


    • Xixi says:

      Dear Thomas,

      Thanks for your interest in our import/export service.

      Please provide the following information so we can prepare the proposal of import service:
      1) product specifiation
      2) quantity
      3) HS code
      4) Does your dongguan office has import and export license? are they a company or only an office? Can they issue VAT?
      5) Will the export also be arranged through our company?

      Look forward to your reply.


    • Saddam Hossain says:

      Dear Thomas,
      Thank you for your interest.I’m from Bangladesh.
      We can supply you leather trim form making key rings.

      Please feel free to ask me.
      Saddam Hossain

  7. Mr. Chime says:

    I am looking for an agent who will ship my goods from China to Nigeria.

    • Xixi says:


      Thank you for interest in our shipping service.

      Please provide the following information so we can send a quote:
      1) product name, specification
      2) quantity
      3) total cartons, carton dimensions
      4) gross weight, net weight, CBM
      5) how to ship, air, sea or courier?
      6) please provide port, air port, or mailing address in case of courier service
      7) can the supplier export, or should we handle exportation as well?

      Look forward to your reply.


  8. Adhil says:

    i am looking for an agent who could export my goods from Maldives and import to china.

  9. hello,i am Marketer in Water Purifier products and in solar water Heater.I want to import some products in very small quantity from China.So Guide me about procedure.

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Keyur,

      For small quantity, you will have to buy from wholesale market in China.
      Please send the following information to, so our sourcing expert can review and prepare quotation:
      1) product specification
      2) quantity
      3) picture if any

      Best regards,
      Steven team

  10. sachin says:


    i would like to import photocopy paper from china.
    70 & 75 GSM.
    can you arrange for same…


    • Xixi says:

      Hi Sachin,

      Thanks for interest in our sourcing service. our sourcing expert will contact you soon.

      Steven team

    • Pradip says:

      Hello Sachin,

      Contact for A4 Photocopy paper from China..


  11. Alistair Clegg says:

    I am looking to set up a business importing electronic goods into the UK, selling online.
    Initially, I was looking for a supplier of electronic cigarettes as the laws will change in 2016 in the UK.
    Then I would be looking at headphones, speakers and other types of accessories.
    If you could please provide me with some contacts for me to discuss things further, it would be most appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Alistair Clegg

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Alistair,

      Our company have been heavily involved in sourcing of electronics products lik ecigarette, headphones, speakers etc. We have an electronics products division based in Shenzhen city.

      Please send your inquiry to


  12. zu says:

    I am interested in buying designer handbags from a seller in china who does not provide shipping to nigeria please how do I find an reliable agent who will ship the bags from China to Nigeria.

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Zu,

      Could you send the following information so we can quote shipping price:
      1) total quantity
      2) products specification(such as material)
      3) total carton numbers, carton dimension, gross weight, total CBM
      4) the bag does not infringe copyright of famous brand right?
      5) do we need to handle export procedure in China as well?

      Best regards,

  13. Ernesto says:


    I am an exporter, I have some clients in China that knew me trough alibaba website, but I would like if there are another way to sell to China, with your service. i want to get more customers.
    My product is maca powder, quinoa grain, and coffee beans.

    Best regards,

    • Xixi says:

      Estimado Ernesto,

      Como Estas?

      To export product to China, I would suggest to use the following methods:
      1) advertise online(like platform, search engine)
      2) buy top chinese importer list for certain HS code from China cutoms, dig out their contact information, and then contact them
      3) attend trade shows in China


  14. Alexa says:

    I need to import about 36kg of fragrance oils from Bangkok to Shanghai. The oils are not for consumption and will be used for making perfumes in China. Is it true that Chinese customs recently will not approve any liquid whatsoever to enter China? If not true, then will your company be able to assist with this import? What are your fees? How long will it take?

    Best regards,

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Alexa,

      The problem with liquid or cosmetics products, the government will request the exporters to provide complete set of certificate and license, which many could provided.

      If you can provide me the HS CODE of the products, we can inquire with the Customs on what certificates they need, then you can judge if you can provide or not.

      Steven Chow

  15. Shivansh Gupta says:


    We are in business of leather and meat products in India and I want to export my products to China. So I am looking for an agent who can help and guide me.

    Shivansh Gupta

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Shivansh,

      If you need our help, please send email to

      Steven Chow

      • Mwazani says:

        Hi, how are you we find agent to helps our business to sell another country
        we have company for coffee every every nice coffee. if we can do together contact we with me. hope we can do together. thank you. that my number. +255717492300

    • Dhananjay Nayak says:

      Hello Shivansh

      You can contact us for the shipment Email:

      We are in this business from last 15 years we have expertise in logistic and in-house customs clearance and many more services to be offered at a very competitive price.
      Hope to see you soon

  16. Paolo Gentili says:

    I am organizing a business agency for the export of Italian good quality products. I look for some agents on the territory of china to begin a cooperation.


    • Xixi says:

      Hi Paolo,

      Could you send the products you are representing and your website, so we can review and discuss.


  17. Binay says:

    We are interested to buy printers and consumable like 3050 foil stamping press, ricoh dx2430 ink/ master, gc 21 ink and ciss etc. from china to india. These things may be shipped by air to kolkata, india. For import of RC photocopier, we may need ocean shipping to kolkata/ paradeep/ dhamra port, india. please let us know, whether it is feasible to start with small orders and whether we can tie up with you for this import process from china/ hong kong to india. Please send details in my mail. Thnx

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Binay,

      In your situation, I think you have to make sure:
      1) the minimum order you will buy to dilute the shipping cost, if you can send product name, specification, quantity, packing details and dimension, we can give you an estimated price of shipping, on top of that, you have to add import duty.
      2) if the products are branded products, which will cause problem when you do customs clearance.

      Best regards,

  18. Lalwani says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam ,

    We want to import air compressors , air compressor filters , plastic air filter housings and air compressor replacement spares from china , we also want a clearing agent who can deliver the material to us at our door step with their charges .

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Lalwani,

      Our company have dealt with some air compressor projects, our sourcing expert will contact you soon.

      Chinaimportexport team

  19. simran Singh says:

    I want to import washing machine components. So I want a agent to buy on behalf of me from china. Can u help me?

  20. Nishant says:

    Hi.. i am Nishant from India.

    I am planning for a distribution business of memory cards in India, thus i am looking forward for a valuable association with some of the agents from china, who can help me select the right quality memory cards at a genuine budget, with detailed shipping cost and process.

    Nishant Kumar

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Nishant,

      Our sourcing expert will contact you soon, we have an electronics sourcing office in Shenzhen, handling all the electronics sourcing and QC in Guangdong province.

      Best regards,
      China Import Export Team

  21. Lokabhirama Raju says:

    I am an direct seller, I am looking to procure some products from china, what are the requirements to get goods from china? do I need to have an import licence? please let me know all the details at the earliest and help me in finding the goods I am looking to purchase.

    Thanks and Regards
    Lokabhirama Raju

  22. Rohit Bafna says:

    I need to import pure gold from china.
    It can either be in the form of gold bar or can be gold balls.

  23. Rajendra Pawar says:

    Hi.. i am Rajendra Pawar from India.

    I am planning for a distribution business of memory cards & pen drives in India, thus i am looking forward for a valuable association with some of the agents from china, who can help me select the right quality memory cards at a genuine budget, with detailed shipping cost and process.

    Rajendra Pawar

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Rajendra,

      Thanks for interest in our sourcing service. Our electronics sourcing specialist Andy Wang will contact you soon.

      Best regards,

  24. Harshad Dhawad says:

    Dear sir
    I am Harshad from Nagpur Maharashtra I have business of irrigation system. Now i am purchasing material from local supplier but i want to expand my business for that i need various micro irrigation product from china in bulk quantity. For that i want a good supplier for my need.
    Thank you
    Harshad Dhawad

  25. Martin says:

    hello i want to export Jewelries from china to Kenya how can you help???

  26. naresh says:

    dear sir

    we are resaler for jeans mans n girls in india , for mans wear like jeans shirts shorts and also in girls items as well ,can u tell me how to deal and how u can assit me and what charges will be there for get the total cost

    pls tell me the proceeder for fresh dealing with true supllier in china and how u can provide the serivce for that ,thanks


    • Xixi says:

      Hi Naresh,

      It is all down to the quantity you will buy.
      If your quantity can meet MOQ set by factory, go with factory directly. If quantity less than their MOQ, then source from clothing wholesale market, like Guangzhou Baima or Hangzhou Sijiqing.

      Best regards,

  27. Ashwith S says:


    I am in search of an Agent who is dealing with dental material and Equipments .Please if there is any one please let me know.You can mail me on

    Ashwith S

  28. Eddy P says:

    I am looking for a broker that can help me import good quality solar attic fans directly from the factories in china to the U.S. Maybe some other products too. There are too many traders and it’s hard to find the manufacturers, or talk to them directly.

  29. ashu says:

    i am planning for a distribution business of pen drives computers spare . office stationery ( like bell pen , ink pen, redfill etc )in India, thus i am looking forward for a valuable association with some of the agents from china, who can help me select the right quality at a genuine my budget, with detailed shipping cost and process.


  30. Shah Devarsh says:

    This is Devarsh Shah from India..infact I’m pleased to introduce our company as
    a leading manufacturer of hi tech ball bearing pedestal with 100% Eco friendly
    design with no operational cost. Now as a qualified engineer I want these pedestals
    to be export to the various relative industries over there & in this concern I want very
    reliable efficient agent for the do provide me a good agent.
    I look forward for your reply.
    I remain thankful.

    Devarsh Shah

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Devarsh,

      What kind of agent you are looking for?

      Shipping agent? What service you are after?

      Best regards,

  31. Shah Devarsh says:

    Dear sir,

    You haven’t replied yet. Your early reply will ne highly appericiated.

    Devarsh Shah\Dev Techno Engineers

  32. Shah Devarsh says:

    Dear sir,

    I am looking for the agent who promote and sell my product(ball bearing type pedestal) over there..

    Devarsh shah

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Shah,

      I see. but sorry, we don’t provide marketing service in China.

      We help global buyers import from China.

      Best regards,

  33. s pal nuna says:

    plz send micro sd card
    price in china and quantity 2gb good qualety

  34. Rahul Ajmera says:

    I am looking for an sourcing agent who can help me source and ship the product to New Delhi/Jaipur-India, on delivered basis.
    The product i am interested in is Chatone from Yiwu,HS code 70181090.
    Please let me know how can you help.
    Rahul Ajmera

  35. vinay says:

    Dear Sir,

    We required ceramic rope Dia 10 mm, 12 mm, 19 mm & 25 mm Also same sizes are required in Glass Fiber E Type . Can u please arrange to send some best quotes CIF Delhi & also Quote FOB in china port . Also please send min. Order Qty.


  36. K Zama says:


    I am from India and need to import memory cards from china, i need assistance for quality and prices through a agency in china for secure business, could you assist me in this regards


    K Zama

  37. YK Lee says:

    Hi, I am from Singapore. I will like to arrange a shipment of electronics chips (approximately 1500 pcs) from Hong Kong to a customer in Shenzhen. Is your company able to provide the shipment arrangement and customs clearance from Hong Kong to my Shenzhen customer? What will be the estimated cost for such services?

    Thank you.

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Lee,

      Please send the following information:
      1) carton quantity, carton dimension, HS code
      2) can you provide all necessary document?
      3) does your client has import license?

      Best regards,

  38. Ramsur Dharamdeo says:

    I am from Mauritius wish to import heat press machine with all item attached with it .
    Could you advise

  39. subhas agrawal says:

    hello sir we are going to start new buisness in india of china product like toys, electrical item etc we need buyer agent we have gd financial condition so plz help us to give informatiom like buyer agents ,supplier etc thank u very much sir

  40. Annie says:

    Hi, we would like to know more if there’s any agent that can helped us on applying Form E for our shipment-in China (for heavy machinery spare parts), and what are the procedure?

  41. Joel says:

    Dear Steven,

    I am a importer of fashion jewelry, I am looking for agents who can source new items, negotiate and do quality check on the product.

    Please let me know a complete detail of what are the services you can provide me.

    Warm regards

  42. Benjamin Seun says:

    I want to purchase some mini hand held sewing machine from china. I want an agen
    that can help with the payment and shipment to nigeria. how can you help me?

  43. Damaris Quinones says:

    Hi, I am interested in marketing products that the factory is located in Guangzhou, China. I need price, delivery time, quantity, etc. Thank you

  44. Damaris Quinones says:

    Hello, i am interésed in marketing productos from Guanzhou. How can You help me? Thanks.

  45. s.y.Lee says:

    We are a distributer of mosaic tile in South Korea and looking for a agent who can export mosaic tile from China to South Korea.

    If possible,please give in touch as detail
    World Tile Co.
    Contact:sang yong Lee

  46. Tony says:

    Dear sir/madam
    My name is Tony , I am the representative of Vyhoangtrans Co.,Ltd.
    We are a company operating in the field Forwarding, Freight import and export. Besides,We is freight agent for a large number of goods transported overseas in Vietnam.
    we import timber from Laos origins and export to china.
    we are looking for importers wood at china.
    we import type the wood :
    + Dalbergia Oliverii Gamble sawn wood
    + Pterocarpus pecatus Pierre sawn wood
    + Dalbergia Oliverii Gamble round wood
    + Pterocarpus pecatus Pierre round wood
    You can mail me on
    Regards and thanks

  47. Mit Kotak says:


    Wanted to source mobile accessories from China.

    Please check if you can help out to deliver at our door step

    Mit Kotak

  48. Kunal says:

    I am from India, requirement for ice cream & dairy machine parts in regular basis.


  49. Apiluk says:


    Do you provide services helping me export banana snacks from thailand to china?
    If you do, please let me know the details.

    Best regards,

  50. Teodor Yordanov says:

    I am searching manifacturers from China for importing flash usb drives 32-64-128 gb, original. I am from Bulgaria, Europe.

  51. Aaker Sharma says:

    I need to Start a business OF EXPORT IMPORT OF Electronics Products mainly LED SMART TVS.
    I need to find very cheaper Rate LED Smart TVS between 32-50″ with genuine manufacture will able to order 100 Pcs every 6 month I need to import it in Ahmedabad, India.

    Please let me know the costumes an clearance rates and your service charges so we can have a deal. I need the product to be deliver at my end on time Not to take burden on me like all import duties, Expoet duties, customs, clearence and all stuff.. i only need home/Warehouse delivery.

    Send me 10 feet container estimation of 32″ LED SMART TVS With Price Quotation So i can judge to make a deal with with you.

  52. md samam asar says:

    hello sir we are from Maharashtra India we want to import cooler motor from China we have some addresses of chines cooler motor manufacturer and your suggested manufacturer is also acceptable by us …so please reply how can we import cooler motors …if required I will send u detail specification of product …

  53. Nala says:

    I would like to export the dried freeze durian which already packed in a package (ready to sell) from Thailand. I would like to sell them in the Chinese market.

    Who or any supplier that would be interested in my product?
    If u need any more information about prices and packaging please email

  54. Divya says:


    I am Divya from India. I am in search of an Agent .you provide us agent .Please if there is any one please let me know.You can mail me on

    Thanks Regard

  55. nikhil matta says:

    I want to import clothes from pls can u tell me the whole procedure…..

  56. Naseer says:


    I would like to start import furniture from China to India,Bangalore. Could you please help me to get me agent who can starting sourcing for me from china.

    Looking forward for your quick response


  57. Andrew says:


    We are also looking for the military equipment’s suppliers e.g(Tents, night vision binoculars, Nets, Military Vehicle Tiers, Floor Tents etc)

  58. Harish b says:

    dear sir / madam
    i want to know more and accurate details how to import what are the duties has to be paid if i want to import
    product name :- MS Wire ROD
    quality :- 1008B
    size :- 6.5 m m & 5.5 m m
    quantity :-initial 20 – 50 metric tons /month
    import from :- china
    import to :- Chennai port India or Mangalore port India

    if you have office in bangalore please give full detail so i could visit your office personaly

    very urgent please feel free to call on my mobile
    name harish
    mobile +919880052999

    thank you

    Harish B

  59. Shawn Dejan says:

    We ( at Dejako Trade (Limited) ) Shanghai ) are about to import wine from Spain & France to China, could you please email me the required documents & certificates from the exporter of wine producers of these two countries by China Custom?
    Note: Dejako is License Importer & Exporter of Food, Liquor & Beverages to and from China.

    With best regards,
    Shawn Dejan.

  60. santosh says:

    Hi Team,

    I came to your website by searching through Google.
    I want to import LED TV from China to India. We Deal in Electronics Sale.
    I am in contact with some of the suppliers through Alibaba portal. I want a professional
    agent who carries out all the inspection and shipment.
    Do you provide this service than please let me know the service charges.

    Thanks and Regards,

  61. Soyol says:

    Hi all,
    I have few questions about the ETR (Export Tax Refund) i am interested to buy some trucks and trailers from china and i like to get the VAT or ETR to my company.
    How much it cost for export agent to get thous refund and how long it takes to get.
    Regards: Soyol

  62. sri says:


    i would like to import luggages & footwear from china to india,namakkal could you help me a agent for me from china

  63. Pratheep says:

    I need BIS certified Deformed steel bars regularly in India from china or any other countries. Approximate 2500 Ton/month. i expect replay as soon as possible

  64. Paridhi says:

    Hi im looking for someone to import childerns clothing to india for reselling….
    So plss giv me the details asap

  65. Maryann says:

    My hubby wants to import funiture base from china, but we don’t know how to go about it since its his first time. Could you be of help?

  66. rahul says:

    dear sir/madam
    we deal in handicraft products
    now we want to sell our products outside the india.
    if you can help us to sell our products outside india then call me and also
    reply on mail

    Rahul Sharma
    Mob no: 09897399390

  67. Sidharth says:

    I need 6 ball bearing telescopic channel of good quality.
    Please help me to find the factory.

  68. GAGAN CHADHA says:

    Hello Sir,
    I having a shop in Chandni chowk in India
    I Want to Buy Butterfly Net From China
    Is there is Any scope to buy it.
    if there is so please reply on My mail.

  69. jitsatyabrat says:

    hello sir/madam

    i want to import airconditioner to kolkata from china.Alredy selected the maker.pls advice how can i get the product import.

  70. DEBBIE says:

    I like to import from China the signages, some times stainless steel metal letters sometime alumiun. What is the price quote for all kinds of fee that are involved?
    I need the best price you can give me.



  71. Tushar says:

    I want to buy some glass hardware items from china .
    Can u tell me about the procedure and charges

  72. Karl says:

    we have a customer in Shanghai that requests a server. They don’t have an import license is it possible get help with importing this to Shanghai via another company and then delivere it to the end user? The need the server ASAP and cannot wait for the import license..

    Thank you for you assistans,

  73. Raman says:

    I want to start wholesale business of chineese products here in india i will be coming to yiwu to select the products i just need an agent who takes care of the shipment means who can help me in delibering the shipment to my door step in india

  74. sumit sharma says:

    Sir I want to start footwear business in India jaipur I am looking for vans company shoes made in china so please send me the question and any other information related to dis product

  75. Pradeep says:

    I want to import cotton hand gloves from china to jamshedpur jharkhand ,india what will be procedure for that.

  76. Sanjay Meshram says:

    I wish to buy jeans in very less quantityas this is start of business.once established our order wil
    l be fortnightly. Minimum 50 pieces
    . Specifications – Cloth- Cotton+ spandex( or mix )
    Dye Washed with prints
    New design on pockets and front portion
    Various colors
    Damage pattern
    Slim fit and narrow bottoms
    do i require to have import license for importing . Are you giving door delivery.
    if i want to visit guangzhou and purchase then how can i get visa and how should i pay and transport .
    thanks —-sanjay

  77. pradyumna says:

    i am from india and i want to import toys,dresses, mobile accessories. also export sambal puri sarees phone no- +919437286451

  78. Connie says:

    Looking for prelit Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths.

  79. Rahul says:


    I want to import Mens belts,wallets,shadesfrom china.

    So plz send all the transportation cost from china to india after custom duty n all.


  80. himanshu says:

    I would like to start importing apparel and accories from China to India, gujrat. Could you please help me to get shipping agent.

    Waiting you for your quick response

  81. George says:


    I’m looking for an agent that can sell my products worldwide. My products are forklift spare
    parts, welding products, tires, car lifts and etc.

    If you can do it, email me at:


  82. Sakshi says:

    I am looking for an agent who will ship my tax free goods from China to India.

    • Sakshi says:

      I am looking for an agent who will ship tax free goods for me from China to India.We are based out of india and need to start import of goods from Guangzhou.
      What is procedure

  83. DINESH says:

    I have some suppliers from dongguan and they cant export goods to india please tell how you can help me in importing that material to india and what would be charges. some of this type of material is by air and some by sea.

  84. Leonardo says:

    Hi I would like some help with the importing process of Cigars and Tobacco into China. We already based an office in Beijing but struggling with the importing licensing and whole process.

    Looking forward for your quick response

  85. khalid khan says:

    hello,i am a manufacture, my requirement jacket cloth fabric. i start first time dealing in jacket i won’t a agent for enquiry all this. you suugest me what i do.thanks

  86. chirag says:

    i want a agent to help me import from china to indiA and i want pvc shrink wrap

  87. asif says:

    dear sir, i am looking to purchase things like white metal utensils, jewellery, electonics and crockery in good quantity, kindly let me know the places in china where it is wholesale or factories where i can directly purchase. thank you

  88. Rahul says:

    Hello, I need a Sourcing agent who will take care of all my needs from Sourcing the product, To inspection.

    My basic orders will be related to Football (Soccer) Clothing


    Polo T-Shirt

    So a good sourcing agent is very much required.

    I need the Products to be Exported from Mainland China to Mumbai, india.

    Project Quantity:

    50 Pieces a month. Based on Sales and Quality.


  89. Dheeraj says:

    Dear Sir.

    We are leading exporter of Indian Tobaccos .
    We are looking for reliable buyers for our poructs.

  90. Morgan says:

    We are looking to import some furniture and home decoration items from China to Illinois-USA.
    How you can provide services regaring this matter?

    Thank you

  91. Steve says:

    We would like to start exporting to China frozen meat products and by-products. We heard there were import quotas for these kinds of merchandise. Do You obtain such quotas? Could we set up this business via You or your partners maybe?
    Thank You

  92. zafar alam says:

    Hi ,
    I I would like to start import mobile phones from china to india (UP), could you please help me to get me agent who can starting sourcing for me from china .


  93. Rahel Sime says:

    Our firm Rahel sime Import Export located in ethiopia, We mainly export agriculture products such as all type of live stock, Peanuts,including all kinds of peanut kernels and in shell; all kinds of Kidney beans from ethiopia to any were.

  94. Nangare says:

    I would like to import scooter from china
    Can I know how to arrange for shipment. and how much is the shipping charges

  95. antonmose says:


    i would like to export wood proceced like plywood,barecore and veneer to china,please contact me +62 82143332469(whatshap) or email

    best regards

    Anton mose

  96. Youssef says:

    My name is youssef
    I’m looking to import from guangzhou to morocco
    Specializing in hight quality home goods
    Please emails me back.

  97. Mosithi Kgokong says:


    Thanks for attending to my mail.

    I would like to import sunglasses and Brazillian hair to SA.
    Would you be able to help?

  98. ravi says:

    my name is ravi i have sheep and goat farming i want to export to china

  99. Saddam Hossain says:

    Hi Guys,
    We are leading leading leather exporter of Bangladesh.
    We can supply very good quality leather with most competitive price. We will be glad if you give us a trial order to check our quality and performance. We have long experience with our buyer to satisfaction and also have expert inspection team.
    With our strong focus on high quality and commitment to on time delivery we supply our quality leathers of Cow/Goat/Sheep/Buffalo/Cow W/B split and products to an ever growing list of loyal customers globally mainly in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Italy, Poland and Mexico.

    Our coordination team works closely with our QC team following our mature processes and procedures to monitor production and ensure on time delivery.
    Saddam Hossain

  100. gamage says:

    I would like to import compressor from spain, Could you please send the DHL price

  101. Chimezie franklin says:

    Please, I Will like to import high density polyethylene such as Exxon Mobil hta 001hd from china to naigeria. Please, can I get any help from you on that? Thanks

  102. Pakpoom says:

    i am looking for an agent who could import sugar from Thai and Brazil to china.

  103. Gerardo Gtz says:


    I would like to import LED Hi Bay Light and LED Street Light from China to USA. Is your service in boths sides or only in China? How much are the taxes and broker service?

    Thank you!

  104. Dashmeet Singh Hora says:

    I am planning to import hospital consumable from china and looking for a agent whi can help me in doing import.

  105. Ali El Sayed says:


    I would like to work with an agent who can help me find end buyers in the Chinese market.

    Products can be meat, sugar, timber etc..

    Please let me know.


  106. william says:

    I want to sell ox bile and gall stones to a ereliable vbuyer in china or hong kong.

  107. william says:

    I want to sell ox bile and gallstones to a reliable buyer in china or hong kong

  108. anita says:

    hello please i am interested in importing designer brands from china to nigeria. like gucci etc

  109. Richard says:

    Please help me get a good price for PRINCO BUDGET computer cd in large scale. I want the cheapest price

  110. Vicky says:

    we need to bring italian fashion (clothes, bags, shoes, accessories) to China. We are starting a cross-border B2B e-commerce, so we need to make many small shipments, around 5-10kgs each.
    I’d like to know whether you can help us to clear custom in China.


  111. Tallal Ahmed says:


    Im looking for an agent who can help me importing USB flash drive from China to Pakistan.

    hope you help me out.
    Best Regard,
    Tallal Ahmed

  112. bilal says:

    i want to import some tools in pakistan plz guied about document reguired? and that is posible to diliver this at my home?

  113. Ajay Tiwari says:

    I am looking for import of few electronic goods. Want to source the samples first from the companies, once the samples get approved then for quantity.

  114. Hi,

    We are one of the leading Printing company from Gujarat(India). I want to import Wiro (for Binding), Stiff Board 2.5mm and Folding Box Board.

    We are looking for trustworthy agent in china who help us to have long lasting export wiro, Stiff Board and Folding Box Board.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards.
    Shailendra Solanki
    M: +91 99787 51697

  115. Sanee says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know information about China Quota Import License, can you support me.

  116. Varun Tyagi says:


    We are looking forward to source lycra based knits fabric as well as the possibilities to get them manufactured in china (Depends on commercial viablities and then import it to India.Need to meet manufacturers with latest developments of fabric and ready garments.I can be reached on +91 9810 11 2797

  117. Julius Kebbie says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a company in Sierra Leone that is heavily involved in Timber logging, we log different types of woods starting from KOSSO,TALI,DOSSIE to name but few. Please can your company give me contacts to buy some of our Timber or woods in Sierra Leone.
    Thank you very much
    What app is +23230725213

  118. Kris says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Our company is located in Poland, we are trading with cosmetic brands like Loreal, Vichy, LaRochPossay, Bioderma, Avene, Ducray, Nuxe and many more. We would like to export our products to China, are you able to help us establish some kind of cooperation with companies from Asia?

    Best regards

  119. PAnkaj says:

    I want to import from chaina if you have any office or representative in new delhi india then please contect

  120. Hewan says:

    I wanted to import pencil bags and accessories needed for school to Ethiopia.Could you please help me with the details on how to process it?

  121. Dharam motwani says:

    Hello this is dharam motwani from chile I am looking for samsung 1205 with 850/1900 band who is working in Latin america,refurbished also I can take so pls search if it’s possible thanks

  122. Washoo Wacalee says:

    I want to import gemstone specially green emerald to potential importers in China. So, I request you to contact me potential importers of gemstone in China.
    with regards,

  123. Rishi says:

    I want to Impot agent in China for artificial PU leather

  124. sandeep menghrajani says:

    HI i would like to import consumer electronic and electronic components form china but i don’t have enough time to source for all the products i want to sell , i do have pictures though , is there anyway i could show you the pictures and you can start sourcing for me in china ?

  125. Santhosh says:

    I am looking for buyer from china for my products we mainly looking for spices and cocopeat buyer


  126. Saidabbos says:


    We would like to export our dried fruits from Uzbekistan.
    We have more than 25 sorts of high quality products.
    if anyone is interested We are ready to cooperate.

    Best regards

  127. Joyson Dsouza says:

    Hi i want to import lipo batteries
    I need 3 batteries before dec 20th.

  128. rohit bansal says:

    we are looking for a Chinese supplier of silver refill cream (shoe cream) this cream is used to clean the silver pen ink from the leather shoes .

  129. Tochukwu Solomon Ezekiel says:

    Hello sir, pls can you send me your email address. I need a trusted agent in China.
    I want to make request from 1688.

  130. Tochukwu Solomon Ezekiel says:

    Am in Nigeria.

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