Onsite Verification Report

CIE has been providing supplier verification services in China since 2006. So far we have served 300+ overseas buyers to import from China, in a safe and secure way.

For most small and medium sized buyers, they don’t come to china to visit the physical address of supplier, to meet with them face to face, to visit local government to verify the legitimacy of certificates, to inspect the production line, equipment and mass produced products of the supplier. However, it is very critical to visit the supplier and do the due diligence properly.

What our verification service package includes:
Equipment and facility inspection
Production process inspection
QC system inspection
License and certificate inspection
Samples checking

The Goal of onsite verification:
Verify the legitimacy of the supplier
Verify if the supplier are factory or trading company
Verify the production capacity and management level

What we deliver:
an inspection report written by our senior inspector
Videos on verification
Photos of verification
Expert observation on contract, payment, risk management

Price: $280USD

Supplier Verification Report SAMPLE DOWNLOAD

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