Pre-shipment Inspection Service(PSI)

CIE performs a final random inspection comprising of a detailed visual inspection of goods before shipment.

The inspection typically conducted on the premises of the manufacturer and performed on samples selected according to defined sampling procedures.

The inspection criteria covering quality, quantity, marking and packing are based on the client’s specifications and reference samples, as provided.

Upon completion of the final random inspection, a detailed inspection report is sent to the client and the inspection certificate issued to the supplier (if all findings are positive).

Quality Standards

We use the internationally recognized Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standard for all product inspections.

For each inspection, this allows the client to set their acceptable quality tolerance levels.

Representing your interests in the factory, we inspect as per your specifications and/or sample(s) provided. We provide you a detailed report with photos, enabling you to make an informed decision to accept or reject the production.

Representing clients in over 100 countries, our university educated inspectors are regularly updated on government regulations and product safety.

Sample report of pre-shipment inspection service can be downloaded here.

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2 responses to “Pre-shipment Inspection Service(PSI)”

  1. Lowell Thomas says:

    We currently source several products in China. They are mostly electro-mechanical products such as AC motors and speed reducers. We have used our own employees for several years but are interested in the benefits we may see my using your services.

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Lowell,

      Thanks for interest in our quality inspection service.

      We have send the quotation to you by email, please check.

      Best regards,

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