Chinese Business Etiquette Guide Part 3 Table Manners

 We Chinese are particular about what we eat; meanwhile we are also concerned with how we eat. Along with the growing popularity of the etiquette in the workplace, table manners are also demanding more attention. The following are some Chinese table manners. Hope it would help you to get an idea on how to handle the table manners with high proficiency.

At the beginning of Chinese dinner, the first wet towel served by the waiter is for the hands, not the face. Along with lobster, chicken and fruits would come a small basin in it some lemon slices or rose petals are floating on the water, which is for hand-washing not for drinking. When washing your hands, you should wet your fingers in turn and wash them quietly, then dry your hands with wet towel. Please pay attention to the manners when having dinner.

You can introduce the features of Chinese food to foreign guests and they can choose dishes as they like, do not repeatedly urge the guests to eat. Some people like to recommend food or even picking up dishes for the guests, but you have to know the foreign guests are not used to this; they may grow tired of your repeated advice and think “I have said I do not want to have it, please stop it!” Of course, if you attend a banquet, please do not rely on the others to help you with the food, if you do so you would certainly have nothing to eat.

When the guests take their seats, please do not start eating until the host proposes a toast as a starter. You have to pay attention to the manner when picking up food, only do so when the dishes come in front of you; do not pick up before your neighbors; the dishes should not be picked up too much at one time and you should chew your food slowly, which is not only good for digestion but also a part of table manners. It is a greedy performance to eat with big chunk and gobble. Do not be picky eaters or just eat what you like best, beside hasten to pick your favorite dishes to your own plate is not good behavior too.

Dining manner should be gentle. For example, avoid touching the neighbor, be careful not to make the dishes out of the plate or spill the soup. Please do not make slurping sound when drinking the soup or chewing the dishes. Do not chat with others when eating. Do not spit the bones or the fishbone directly to the desk, you had better cover your mouth and pick it out on the plate with your chopsticks. Do not take the dishes again after it fallen to the desk. Do not play with the tableware or point to others with the chopsticks. Do not use your hand to pick teeth. When you use the toothpick to pick teeth, please cover your mouth with the towel. Do not let the tableware make noise. After the dinner, you can use the napkin or the towel served by the waiter to wipe your mouth, but do not wipe your face or chest with it. Avoid burping or belching and do not leave the table unless the host so hinted. .

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