How to Arrange Air Freight

1. Consigner fill in shipping order, instruct the shipping agent to make cargo reservation.

Then send all necessary documents for exportation and custom clearance to shipping agents. Goods will be picked up with arranged vehicles or delivered by consigner to an appointed place, and be seriously checked together with documents.

2. Declare to customs

(1)Documents for declaration are generally commercial invoice, packing list, inspection certificate, goods declaration for exportation, and sometimes animal and plant quarantine certificate or certificate of origin, and verification form of export payment of exchange, export contract, etc.

(2)Airway bill will be made after customs’ checking and stamping on the declaration.

(3)To staple the accompanying documents provided by consigner to the airway bill. A manifest needs to be made if it is consolidated cargo. Put the manifest together with all house airway bills and accompanying documents into an envelope and stapled to the airway bill.

(4)Make shipping labels and place them on each cargo. If it is consolidated cargo, house airway bills labels are also necessary.

(5)Take airway bills to customs to declare and be approved.

(6)Hand in the approved and stamped airway bill together with cargos to the airline company to check. If there’s no error, the airline company will sign on the bill.

(7)Details such as flight number, airway bill number, name of goods, and number of packages, gross weight and consignee should be informed to overseas freight forwarder when it is consolidated cargo.

3.The connection of export transportation between foreign shipping company at the port and inland company:

(1)Inland company should inform the port company the name of goods, number of packages, gross weight and time requirements, and make house airway bills, which together with other documents should be delivered or accompanied with cargos to the port companies.

(2)Inland company delivers cargo in required time and place to the port.

(3)The company at the port should appoint an exclusive person to receive the cargo.

(4)Company at the port is in charge of booking shipping space and informing inland company the flight number, bill number or master bill number. Inland company should record the flight and bill number on house airway bills and give them to consigner to carry out the settlement of exchange.


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  1. Chip Watson says:

    I am interested in purchasing synthetic quartz material manufactured in China and shipping it to Australia. I have selected a supply company but am not sure how to connect to freight company for shipping to Australia. The initial package would range from 1 to 2kg and measure approximately 5cm x 8cm x 22cm.
    if the initial package meets with quality control in Australia further orders would be made in 5 to 10kg increments.
    Any help you can supply is greatly appreciated.
    I look forward to your response.
    Kind Regards
    Chip Watson

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Chip,

      Thank you for your interest in our courier service.

      I assume you would use express delivery to send the parcel, instead of air shipping, otherwise you have to do the customs clearance, export and import process.

      Please provide your detailed mailing address, the product name and description so we can quote price.

      Best regards,
      Steven Chow

  2. Toonimaro says:

    I am looking to import couple 300 DC motors (on a yearly basis) from China to Mainland UK. I would like to know what are the costs involved in importing such items. Will there be customs charge? Can it be sent as 1 consignment or can it be broken down in smaller packages. Thanks

  3. Gifty B. says:

    i m from india, i m looking for artificial jewellery, toys n cosmetic products etc from yiwu trade centre. i will pack all items in box, box size will be 100cm x 100cm x 100cm.
    how to deliver in india easy and secure and what will be cost.

  4. Mathew says:

    I would like to know a wholesale company in china for hiphop clothings,accesories and shoes.
    can i get contact to any of them, thanks

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