HSBC: China Is to Become the World’s Largest Trade Country by 2025

According to the survey released by HSBC yesterday, by 2025, the total Chinese trade volum is expected to reach 6?300 billion USD, up by 1.5 fold, which is twice the size of the global trade increase over the same period. And China is to exceed the US as the largest trade A

The report indicates that although in the near future the Chinese trade would face with uncertainties and even slow down just as other markets. Viewing from a long term perspective, China is still one of the major increasing trade powers in the world.

Among others, Brazil gradually becomes a very important trade partner of China. By 2025, the bilateral trade between China and Brazil is expected to exceed 130 billion USD. and the trade increase propelled by coal trade and other large commodity trade between China and Australia is expected to exceed 170 billion USD.

The report predicted that by 2025, the top ten largest trade countries and regions( ranking by their respective share in the world trade) are  China, the USA, Germany, Japan, France, Hong Kong(China), the UK, Korea, Singapore, Canada( tied with Russia).

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