China’s Export License

Definition of Export Permit

Export License is the certification for export issued by relevant authority, in accordance with a country’s export commodities laws and regulations. It is a control exercised by a country over exported goods. In general, some countries carry out export license system to required raw materials, semi-manufactures and Hard-to-get products and materials. By issuing license, the export can be restricted or prohibited in order to meet the demand of domestic market and consumers and protect the national economy.  Besides, antiques that can not be copied or renewed are also protected by the states, therefore, the export of which is strictly prohibited.  And in accordance with the international practice, the export of opium and other drugs and a wide variety of pornographic products are also prohibited

In accordance with the state regulations,  all goods announced by the nation that shall subject to export licensing , regardless of the identity of the owner or the means of the approach( except mode of external  processing and assembling, which must be handled in accordance with relevant regulations ) are required to apply for an export license prior to export . for non- foreign trade business unit or individual goods shipped abroad, regardless of whether the goods are subject to export licensing or not, shall apply for export license if the value of such goods is above 1000 yuan. For Goods carried by individual or mailed aborad, except those comply with customs regulations for personal use and with a reasonable amount, export license is mandatory.

At present, the authority responsible for the approval and issuing of export licenses are: the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and its Special Commissioner’s Office in the major ports; Administration Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities specifically designated in the state plan. And the issuing of the certificate is in accordance with goods and region classification.

How to Apply for Export License

Organization applicants or individual applicant (hereinafter referred to as the “applicant) should submit written applications to the issuing authority.

Content of the applications: the name of the export commodities (goods), specifications, destination countries and regions, quantity, unit price, total amount, delivery date, form of payment, etc. meanwhile, relevant documents or materials also need to be presented to the issuing authority. Foreign trade companies need to provide the original contract (or copy), while non – trade units need to provide the approval by the competent department (department or bureau at the provincial level).  The export of antiques needs to provide the approval material of the relevant authorities, that of books and magazines, approval of the competent department of the publication, that of the famous calligraphy and painting (modern and contemporary), approval by the Ministry of Culture, Gold and silver (excluding jewellery), approval by the People ‘s Bank of China, Patents, know-how ,  and traditional arts, approval by the national patent office and the competent department, urban residents or villagers, the certification letter issued by the street office or villagers’ committee to explain the situation and purchase invoices.

Under the following circumstances, relevant certificates and materials need to be provided.

(1)  As for foreign trade enterprises approved to enjoy export operation rights, when applying for export license for the first time, the copies of the following documents need to be provided: approval of the establishment of the company (enterprise), company (enterprise) regulations,

(2)As for foreign-invested enterprises, when applying for the export licence for the first time, the copies of the following documents need to be provided: documents of approval issued by relevant departments on the project contract, business license , and annual export plan issued by the National Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Examination and Verification & Form Filling

Issuing authority shall start verification procedure upon receiving the relevant application materials. Upon its approval, the applicant could fill in the People’s Republic of China export license application form.

Issuing of the License

Issuing authority shall issue the Export License of the People’s Republic of China within 3 working days after the application forms have been handed over in quadruplicate, the first, second, and third of which shall be in the possession of the applicant, and upon them the customs declaration and bank settlement procedures can be made. Meanwhile, a certain amount of accreditation fee must be charged.

Products List That Need to Apply for Export License

China ‘s Export License( Example)


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  1. Dear Sirs,

    We are trying to sell Chinese steel products to one of our USA customers. The USA customer is requesting a C.E. ‘China Export’ document. I have searched everywhere to see if this is an official document and if same is required for shipments to the USA. All that I can find is a sign which is almost identical to the C.E. sign for Europe. It also states that the C.E. China Export sign has not been registered and is not official.

    Can you please confirm this is correct or not

    Thanking you


  2. Archie says:

    I am looking ta exporting some goods from China from a long time manufacturer, however the manufacturer has asked for payment to be made as its part of the export permit process?
    In the past we have not been asked for pre payment, however I’m being told that pre payment is required as part of process to obtain an export permit? Is this correct?
    Thank you

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Archie,

      I never heard of this. When you say Export permit, do you mean export license?

      Best regards,

  3. sam says:

    I’m looking to have export licence I didn’t get pure information about pre condition to have licence

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