Quality Inspection Service
        Preshipment Inspection
        During Production Inspection
        Container Loading Supervision

Due Diligence Service
        Credit Report
        Supplier Verification

Shipping Service
        Freight Forwarder
        Air Freight
        Sea Freight
        Courier Service

Product Sourcing Service
Customs Clearance Service
Import & Export Agent Service

2 responses to “Service”

  1. tinti says:

    we are trayng client for trading leder good made in italy
    and best brands italinan fashion
    alviero martini ,braccialini,gherardini,furla,piquadro,samsonite ,ecc
    hoping for hearing from you soon
    best regards
    adriano tinti

    • Xixi says:

      It is good time to market the Italian products to China now.

      Try some online marketing and attend some trade shows.


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