Generalized System of Preferences Certificate of Origin(GSP FORM A)

August 22, 2011 | Glossary , Knowledge | By Xixi | 31 Comments

Definition: Generalized System of Preferences Certificate of Origin or FORM A / GSP FORM A is a preferential Certificate of Origin signed on the basis of a kind of tariff preference systems —Generalized System of Preferences that provided by developed countries to developing countries. The certificate applies A form with yellow color and is usually called FORM A or GSP FORM A for short in the foreign trading.

Current favoring countries providing the tariff preference system are France, British, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greek, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia, Malta, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, United States and Bulgaria.

To make sure the products made in benefit countries get preferences of GSP, the products must be originated from benefit countries (Principle of Origin), delivered directly from benefit countries to favoring countries (Principle of Direct Delivery) and provide the FORM A certificate when clearing customs in favoring countries.

The FORM A is signed and issued by Entry-Exist Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in China with charges of 40 to 80 yuan each.

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31 comments on “Generalized System of Preferences Certificate of Origin(GSP FORM A)”

  1. BILLY


    1. Xixi


      I don’t speak French, did a google translation, you want to buy 50 certificate of origin?

      This certificate are not for sale, Billy.

      Only when you imported products from China, or when the chinese suppliers export the products, then they can apply for certificate of origin, one certificate per each export.

      China Import Magazine

  2. ana jovanovic

    Dear Sir,

    We are company from Austria.
    We imported 40 mt of the butter from China to Rijeka port-croatia and those goods are waiting to be custom cleared. As someone who did this import from China for the first time, I did not know
    about Certificate of Origin form A. That means that I can import the goods per duty tariff 4,2%.
    Now, I insist on my sellers in China to send us Certificate in order to be customs cleared.
    How long do I have to wait for it?
    What they need of the documents to give in order to get Certificate?
    What can I do now when the goods are waiting for two weeks to be customs cleared? How else can I get preferential tariff?


    1. Xixi

      Dear Ana,

      Normally it takes a day or two to issue the Form A.

      Normally you have 7 days or so period time of free storage at port(please check with the shipping agent), after that, they will charge you a fee.

      Best regards,

      1. Sikandar Syed

        Dear Steven,

        Can you please advise what is the time limit to apply this form after dispatch of shipment from Seaport/Airport e.g. 3 days, a week, a month or else.



        1. Xixi

          Dear Sikandar,

          Better within 7 days after shipments, actually you can apply for the CO/FA before shipment but after customs clearance.

          You can still apply for CO/FA after 7 days, they will use a square seal and mark “ISSUED RETROSPECTIVELY” on your document, which doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the CO/FA.

          Hope this helps.


  3. Latalie

    Dear Sir,

    We will have a goods shipped from China to USA. Please confirm which certificate (C.O. or Form A) should we apply?


    1. Xixi

      Hi Latalie,

      It has to be CO.

      Form A is used for most EU countries, when importing from China.


  4. ravi

    by mistake if importer not get gsp (form A) from export company in that condition how the importer co. clear goods from custom please help us out.

    1. Xixi

      Dear Ravi,

      Even if the products have been shipped, the supplier can still apply for Form A.
      So I think you should ask supplier to apply for the Form A.

      Best regards,
      Chinaimportexport team

  5. Olia


    Is it possible to get the CO not for the certain cargo, but for the product itself ??
    is it ok to ask for the CO after several month after shipping ??
    can the CO be issued secon time ??

    1. Xixi

      Dear Olia,

      CO is for each export, not generally for a product.
      It is okay to apply for CO after it is shipped.
      You can apply for CO again if it is lost.


  6. Carl

    Dear Sir,

    We are shipping our goods (IT) from Germany to Uzbekistan. The COO of the goods is China.
    We need the certificate form A for the customs clearance.
    Could you help us with the certificate form A?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    Best regards,


  7. vikas

    Hello Carl,

    you have to take GSP for this shipment, while this goods ship germany to Uzbekistan.

    with regards
    vikas kumar

    1. Xixi

      Thanks for sharing, Vikas.

  8. shani

    When importing product from China, is the invoice number from the supplier, for the goods being shipped, required to be printed on the “Form A”?

    Or is it different for each country’s import rules?

    1. Xixi

      yes, Shani, in China, we need to input invoice number onto Form A.


  9. S K RAJ

    Dear Sir .We are trader and manufacture in France.please advise ,how can i get certificate of origin in France for export .What is difference between Form A and certificate of origin .Any member is requited for certificate of origin . Please help me

    1. Xixi

      Hi Raj,

      Sorry, we are not familiar with the practise in France.

      Best regards,


    Hi Just need to ask in case of exporting from China to another country can the shipper in china issue the COO with the related invoice and Packing List and Export declaration or the final original Bill of lading has to be used to issue the COO

    Thanks Mike

    1. Xixi

      Hi Michael,

      Packing list and Invoice is enough, no need for Original B/L.
      COO can be issued before shipping, that suggest B/L is not necessary.

      Best regards,

  11. Nick

    Dear Sir Madam,

    we are located in Saudi Arabia, we would like to know where we can secure or buy this certificate of Origin (form A).

    please let us know.



    1. Xixi

      Hi Nick,

      We can arrange the CO or Form A.

      But could you let us know the following:
      1) Is the product coming from China
      2) who is the supplier
      3) do you pay to the supplier by company account or personal account

      These questions are important.

      Best regards,

  12. Sheng

    Dear Steven,
    If a company in China issue a certificate of origin to my company, but I am selling those goods to other company. Can I create one CO with my company as shipper and my buyer as consignee, is it possible?

    Best regards,


    1. Xixi

      Hi Sheng,

      For the consignee, it is upto you, you can use any company as consignee.
      For shipper on CO, there is third party CO, that can include your company name as shipper.
      If you need help for third party CO, please email


  13. Balwant Singh Rawat

    Dear Steven,

    Please let us know is GSP (Form-A )required for courier shipment.If we sent cargo thru. courier w/o gsp so how many import duty will paid by importer.

    My one germany buyer told me it is not required in courier shipment.

    Please clear.

    Best Regards
    Balwant singh

    1. Xixi

      Hi Balwant,

      Yes, in some cases, client will ask GSP even for courier shipment, to avoid tax.
      We can help to make GSP in China.

      Best regards,

    2. Madhu

      Hai sir this is one shipment UZBEKISTAN gsp or co pls tell me

  14. Muhamamd


    I am importing some small items from China to Bahrain.
    The item doesn’t have MADE IN CHINA written on it. so whenever my shipment comes
    custom people ask for Certificate of Origin or Else i have to pay a heavy amount to clear
    the goods. could you please guide me how to get the Certificate.


  15. seema

    hi! I. am. able. to provide. gsp certificate with all commercial document and Master BL from Bangladesh… Plz contac.t my cell no… 008801822000666

    Buyer’s are able to release the goods by this doc.ument and he will get gsp facility. Thnx.

    1. Xixi

      Dear Seema,

      We will let you know, when we need that service in your country.

      Best regards,


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