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Chinese Business Etiquette Guide Part 4 Toast Etiquette

Posted on January 04, 2012  by Xixi  in Business Manners, Culture   No Comments »
Chinese Business Etiquette Guide Part 4 Toast Etiquette

As an old Chinese saying goes, the more you drink the deeper your friendship is. There is also a lot of knowledge on the wine table. The details are as follows:

1. You should wait to toast until the leader finished. When toasting, propose a toast with both hands and stand up.

2. It is common for many people to propose a toast together to one people , but you should not propose a toast to many people at a time unless you are a leader.

3. When you propose a toast, if you are not going to clink glasses, you can decide how much to drink according to the situation such as the drinking capacity and the mood of other people. But as a toaster it is not appropriate for you to drink less than the others.

4. When proposing a toast, if you are going to clink the glasses, it is really generous for the words goes like “I will finish mine, you at will!”

5. Pouring wine for the leader or the guests in time and do not drink on the leaders behave. When you indeed have to do so, drink the fill gladly as if you enjoy it—not doing a favor for your boss. If your boss is not a good drinker, you have to euphemistically reject the people who want to propose a toast.

6. When holding up a glass (beer glass), with right hand hold the glass and left hand under the glass. You have to remember your glass should be lower than the others, but if you are a leader, do not put too low.

7. If no special figures are present, you should better clink glasses with guests in clockwise order, do not partial to one while neglecting the other.

8. You should make a toast before clink glasses, or else what to drink for?

9. There is no talking about the business on table, if you drink well, the business will naturally go well too.

10. Suppose the wine is not enough, please put the wine in the center of the table and do not pour in turn in case the wine should run dry.

The way to propose a toast:

1.  The host should toast the guest of honor

2.  The accompanying guest toast the guest of honor

3.  The guest of honor should propose a toast in return

4.  The accompanying guest toast each other

Notice: As a guest, it is not polite and respectful to the host to propose a toast out of order.