Top 50 Wholesale Markets in China

Many foreign buyers directly make purchase from China’s top wholesale market. In the meantime, many foreign sellers have begun to realize that these wholesale markets can help them to make sales directly to Chinese distributors.

China ‘s TOP 50 Wholesale Market ( In the order of turnover)

1. Zhejiang Yiwu China Commodity City

2. Zhejiang China Light & Textile Industrial City

3 Wu Ai Commodity Market, Shenyang, Liaoning Province

4. Xiliu Clothing Wholesale Market, Haicheng, Liaoning Province

5 Linyi Wholesale City, Linyi, Shandong Province

6 Hanzhengjie Commodity Market, Wu Han, Hubei Provice

7. He Hua Chi Wholesale Market, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

8. Nansantiao Commodity Market, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

9. Naochuan Clothing Market, Shangdong Province

10. China Oriental Silk Market, Wusi, Jiangsu Province

11. Shijiazhuang Xinhua Trade Center, Hebei Province

12 Xiaoshan Commercial City, Zhejiang Province

13. Changshu Merchandise Mall, Jiangsu Province

14 Huangyan Luqiao Commodity Market, Zhejiang Province

15. Jimo Clothing Wholesale Market, Shandong Province

16. Chongqing Chaotianmen Comprehensive Market

17. Cixi Zhouxiang Food Wholesale Market, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

18. Shenyang, China Furniture City, Liaoning Province

19. Caiyun City, Yantai Development Zone, Shandong Province

20. Harbin Underground Commodity Market, Heilongjiang Province

21. Datang Textile Market , Zhuji, Zhejiang Province

22. Huanbei Commodity Market, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

23. Guangfu Road Market, Changchun, Jilin Province

24. Hangzhou Silk Market, Zhejiang Province

25. Zhoucun Textile World. Zibo, Shandong Province

26. Huzhou Silk City, Zhejiang Province

27. Evergreen Clothing Market, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

28. Jiangyin Food City, Jiangsu Province

29. Zhili Light & Textile & Embroidery Industry, Zhejiang Province

30. Honghe Sweater Market, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province

31. Hangzhou Light Textile Market, Zhejiang Province

32. Jiangyin Textile Market, Jiangsu Province

33. Qiaoxi Qingnian Street Market, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

34. Yongjia Bridge Button Market, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

35. Taicang Light Textile Market, Jiangsu Province

36. Tongxiang Puyuan Wool Market, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province

37. Guanlin Commercial Plaza, Luoyang, Henan Province

38. Harbin Toulong Street Market, Heilongjiang Province

39. Eastern Wholesale Market, Lanzhou, Gansu Province

40. Qiaonan Industrial Goods Market, Changde, Hunan Province

41. China Shoes City, Shenyang, Liaoning Province

42. Guanghui Wholesale Market, Lanzhou, Gansu Province

43. Daxiangguo Temple Market, Kaifeng, Henan Province

44. Liusha Cloth &Fabric Market, Puning, Guangdong Province

45. Dongyuegong Market, Xingning, Guangdong Province

46. Guangzhou Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

47. Dongxing Market, Shenyang, Liaoning Province

48 Jiashan Mall, Zhejiang Province

49. Harbin Nanji Food Wholesale Market, Heilongjiang Province

50. Baigou Commodity Market, Hebei Province



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  2. Mohammad says:

    Dear sir
    iam looking for wholesale market and manufactureres
    of household,kitchenware,dinner sets etc in china kindly inform me which city of china is most suitable .
    thanking you
    best regards

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Mohammad,

      I think you can buy all these products at Yiwu, Yiwu wholesale market is the biggest wholesale market in China.

      Yiwu market is good for small to medium quantity and big variety, for big quantities, go with factory directly, for products need high quality, don’t buy from Yiwu.

      Our company offers sourcing service at Yiwu market, if interested, please email at

      Steven team

    • Natalia says:

      Dear Mohammed,
      I am currently living in Yiwu and can provide you any information about the market and the products there.
      If you need my help, send me an email

  3. ankur sachdeva says:

    i need table mats,foot mats,towels,bedsheets where to buy in china

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Ankur,

      For these kinds of products, you should visit Yiwu wholesale market.


      • Aamir says:

        where is this YIWU market

        • Xixi says:

          Dear Aamir,

          Yiwu Wholesale market Address

          Yiwu Commodity City has three large markets, namely Huangyuan Market that mainly sells daily commodities, treads and needles, shoes and gloves as well as hats, socks, etc; Binwang Market takes garments, non-staple food, neck ties and towels as its leading products; and International Trade Mart (also called Futian Market), which is divided into two phases, is a demonstration of toys, ornaments, arts and crafts and flowers in its first phase, and hardware tools, electronic products, outdoor products, suitcases & bags, office supplies, cosmetics, etc in the second phase. All the three markets are on the same street that is the middle of Chouzhou Road crossing with Huangyuan Road, north of Chouzhou Road crossing with Binwang Road, and north of Chouzhou Road crossing with Shangcheng Avenue respectively.

          And Yiwu city is in Zhejiang province. You can go there from Guangzhou, Shanghai or Hangzhou, by train or by air.


    • kkwu says:

      Hi,Ankur,I am directly from my father’s manufacture for bedding things such as quilt,duvet,comforter etc,please email me if you want more information.I am in USA now.our factor has been working on this field for almost 30

  4. Parvinder says:


    I am looking for wholesale market for Toy and Game,

    kindly inform me which city of china is most suitable.


  5. Mohammad Amir says:

    Dear sir
    iam looking for wholesale market and manufactureres garments in china kindly inform me which city of china is most suitable .
    thanking you
    best regards

  6. maral says:

    dear sir hello
    from which town or city i can find best suppliers for home decoration products as ceramical things etc

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Maral,

      If you are buying ceramical products, together with other products, then you should try Yiwu wholesale market.
      If not, try ceramical wholesale market in Jingdezhen city of Jiangxi province.

      Chinaimportexport team

  7. Mariyah says:

    Hi looking for sports shoes wholesale market

  8. Jacob says:

    I’m looking for a wholesale market of cosmetics and perfume, which market do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance

  9. vikram says:

    Which city can I find umbrella factory?

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Vikaram,

      If you are looking for wholsaler, you can try Yiwu wholesale market.


  10. warren says:

    iam looking for wholesale market and manufactureres of sanitary and aluminum opening in china kindly inform me which city of china is most suitable .
    thanking you
    best regards

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Warren,

      For the products you are looking for, you could try Yiwu wholesale market.
      If you are looking for manufacturers, I would suggest you to go to the trade show of The 18th Kitchen & Bath China 2013, where most chinese sanitary manufacturers will attend.


  11. Usman says:

    Dear sir

    i am looking for Garments wholesale market and manufactureres of Crinkle Shafoon in china kindly inform me which city of china is most suitable and pls provide me contact number in concerned person.
    thanking you

    best regards


    • Xixi says:

      Dear Usman,

      Please read below blog article to know 4 top garments wholesale markets in China:


    • Jyoti chakma says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      This is Jyoti Chakma from Garments Place Ltd. We would like to introduce ourselves as a 100% Export Oriented Buying Agent cum Manufacturer with full Vertical Set-up located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are ready to take challenge to meet up the demand for all sort of high quality Garments as per buyer requirements.

      We specialize in T-Shirts, Polo-Shirt, Sweater, Sweatshirts, Under garments, sports ware & all kinds of Kid garments and offer the same to our valued customers in EUROPE, USA and CANADA by the Competitive Price, right Quality and Short Lead-time by the using of excellent qualities Raw Material and Accessories.

      We are engaged to maintain a consistent high quality standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibilities. We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and always try to adopt the most effective and latest technology available.

      We strive to serve our valued buyers by working with the best manufacturers of the industry who are able to offer the best prices in the market.

      Please send us your new inquiries. We would like to make an association with your esteemed concern.

      Thanks & Best Regards,
      Mr. Jyoti Chakma
      Managing Director

      Garments Place
      West Shewrapara
      820, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.

      Skype: jyoti.chakma4
      Phn : +88-02-9027775
      Fax : +88-02-9027776
      Mo : +8801715116990

  12. Usman says:

    Pls send us detail of china market in crinkle chiffon orange carts

  13. sisi says:

    iam looking for whosales clothes market where i can find some nice clothes fashion etc. what do you prefer for me? i need dresses day dresses , shirt, shorts , skirt , trouser etc 🙂

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Sandra,

      For all these clothes products, you can find at the wholesale markets listed in this article

      Our company has been provide sourcing service at those clothing wholesale markets, we can help with:
      buy tour arrangement
      price negotiation
      contract negotiation
      payment arrangement
      quality inspection
      product collection
      container consolidation
      documents preparation

      Please email us at, if you need help.

      Steven team

  14. jagath says:

    dear Mr.

    what is the nearest wholesale market in china to hong kong. we need to do operations being in hong kong. so what is the nearest china wholesale market to hong kong.

  15. Rashid says:

    Hi looking for China shoes wholesale market

  16. Rashid says:

    Hi looking fobr China y-bokai shoes manufacturing factory

  17. Usman says:

    dear Mr.

    what is the nearest wholesale market in china to Pakistan. we need to do operations being in Pakistan. so what is the nearest china wholesale market to Pakistan.

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Usman,

      Pakistan is connected with Tibet, however, as it is almost impossible to do large scale shipping by land from Tibet to Pakistan. I would suggest you to check with wholesale market in Guangzhou(the southern part of China), as the sea shipping from Guangzhou to Pakistan is very cheap.


  18. mohd arabi says:

    iam looking for whosales fabrics and yarn market where i can find some nice clothes fashion etc. what do you prefer for me?
    reply me on my mail
    mohd arabi

  19. Liraz says:

    Dear mr .
    I have been twice in china looking for evning dresses , I been in Guangzhou and I didn’t fined .
    Can you please recommend me .

  20. Ashish says:

    Looking unique industrial products which uses to manufacture further in Indian industry/product which can re-assemble/re-pack to sell to end customer.



  21. Lungy says:

    Dear sir im in South africa i hear the is china city in johanesbug can i get cheap stuf to open my business

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Lungy,

      Please send us the following information:
      1) what products you plan to buy
      2) specification
      3) quantity

      So we can quote price.

      To start with, I think you should focus on some products/industries that you have familiar with or have rich resource.


  22. Vincent says:

    Hi, I’m looking for luggages, travel bags and travel accessories.

    Where are the suitable wholesale markets to go to? Thanks!

  23. mohamed says:


    I am Muhammad and I want to ask all areas of clothing and furniture wholesale in China

    Thank you

  24. Mr.Mz says:


    May i Know where i can find the stationery product and baby or kids cloths in china.


    • Xixi says:

      Dear Mr.Mz,

      If your quantity is big enough, deal with factory.
      If quantity can’t meet the MOQ, buy from whosalers.
      For stationary, go to Yiwu wholesale market.
      For clothing, go to Hangzhou Sijiqing market.

      Steven Chow

  25. Dulce says:

    Hello, I’m looking for stainless steel jewelry and ss water resistant watches, I’m in Mexico and I’m already buying from china’s web sites, but I want better prices, and good quality.
    Can you help me?

  26. Mr.M says:


    May I know where is located if i like to buy stationery and baby or kids cloth in China


    • Xixi says:

      Dear Mr.M,

      For stationary products, try Yiwu wholesale market.
      If you will visit Yiwu, then buy baby or kids clothes at Hangzhou Sijiqing Clothing Wholesale Makret, which is close to Yiwu, both in Zhejiang Province.

      Steven Chow

      • Mr.M says:

        Which is more better Yiwu or Guangzhou?

        • Xixi says:

          Dear Mr.M,

          Guangzhou is better for clothes, which you can buy at Hangzhou Sijiqing wholesale market as well, Sijiqing is close to Yiwu.
          Yiwu is good for stationary.
          So choose Yiwu and Hangzhou will be better for you to organize the buy tour.

          Steven Chow

  27. I want to start my own business plz guide me

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Jagnoor,

      This is too big and general question.

      Do you plan to do wholesale or retail?
      How do you sell?
      Which area or products you have experience?

      These all are important questions that you have to address and consider before deciding how to set up your business.

      Steven Chow

  28. Precious says:

    Im looking for factory that manufacture and sell Allimunium Tents, Tiffany chairs and Gosht chairs , Please advice which city can i go to in China , Im from south africa

    thank yu

  29. Faruk Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to buy wholesale cosmetic products from China to be shipped to Bangladesh. I have arranged a trip, I need advice on which location can I go to buy good cosmetics in bulk at a cheaper price. I would love to create and build a good relationship with my supplier. Also, I am trying to know where can i get a supplier of watches who customizes the watches and to be delivered to China. Can anyone please email me which location in China will be suitable for me in doing business.



    • Xixi says:

      Dear Faruk,

      For cosmetics products wholesale, I suggest to go with Yiwu wholesale market.
      You can also find watch wholesaler in Yiwu, however, if your quantity is big enough, try to deal with factories, as Yiwu suppliers mostly don’t have factories.

      Steven Chow

      • nasrin says:

        dear sir,
        i am going to come to china to buy some small and light products in bulk such as toys and import to iran. this is the first time i want to start a small business and to be sucsessful in nsar future. could you please advice me how to start and which products will have the most profit for me if i sell in iran market. which city and which markets are cheaper. and also which currency is better to bring there, rial or dollar?
        thanks in advance for your quick reply.
        best regards

  30. sonia says:

    Am looking for a wholesale market in china where I can buy material for paper jewelry

  31. Vaishali says:

    i am looking for china products plz suggest me the site from where could i buy cheapest goods of electronic such as pendrive,micro sd cards,power bank etc

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Vaishali,

      Our company has an office in Shenzhen, to do electronics sourcing.

      If you could send products list, specification, quantity, our sourcing expert can send you a quotation very soon.

      Steven Chow

      • Vaishali says:

        Micro SD Card
        1 GB Micro SD Card 100 Pieces
        2 GB Micro SD Card 100 Pieces
        4 GB Micro SD Card 100 Pieces
        16 GB Micro SD Card 50 Pieces
        32 GB Micro SD Card 50 Pieces

        Pen Drives
        1 GB 100 Pieces
        2 GB 100 Pieces
        4 GB 100 Pieces
        16 GB 50 Pieces
        32 GB 50 Pieces
        64 GB 20 Pieces

        Hard Drive
        500 GB Hard Drive 10 Pieces
        1 TB Hard Drive 10 Pieces
        2 TB Hard Drive 10 Pieces

        This are the requirement for us every week…
        But we want Brands Like SanDisk,Toshiba,Samsung,HD-Seagate, HD- WesternDigital(WD)….
        and with Global Warranty.

      • nasrin says:

        dear sir,
        i am going to come to china to buy some small and light products in bulk such as toys and import to iran. this is the first time i want to start a small business and to be sucsessful in nsar future. could you please advice me how to start and which products will have the most profit for me if i sell in iran market. which city and which markets are cheaper. and also which currency is better to bring there, rial or dollar?
        thanks in advance for your quick reply.
        best regards

  32. rizwan says:

    dear sir

    i am looking for china products plz suggest me the site from where could i buy cheapest goods of gym accessories , male accessories , such as pendrive,micro sd cards,power bank etc

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Rizwan,

      If you could send us the detailed list of proucts,quantity, specification, our sourcing expert can quote the price within 3 days.

      Steven team

  33. Hi
    I am retail sellar my item lace,button,ribbon,motives,sticker,beads,sequins,fastner,stones,wedding dress lace.I need small quantity but lots of design. I contact with manufacture and yiwu market but quantity is big that is too much for me.
    Pls tell me to best place to buy.
    Thanking you,

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Ilham,

      For small quantity and big variety, you have to buy from wholesale market.

      If you can send the product list, with specification, picture(if possible), and quantity, to, our sourcing expert will prepare a quotation for you soon.

      Steven Chow

  34. Leslie says:

    Can someone help me with the best market to purchase quality furs at wholesale prices.
    Many thanks Les,

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Les,

      For fur wholesale market, I would recommend no other market but Haining China Leather Market.

      Steven Chow

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Hi All,

    I am looking for wholesale markets in South China which imported Thailand agriculture products in large quantity. TQ

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      What kinds of agriculture products you are looking for?

      We have been buying a lot of agriculture products like hoe, saw in Yiwu wholesale market.

      However, if the quantity you are buying is big enough, why not buy from factories directly?

      Steven team

  36. nidhi says:

    Dear Sir,

    We required sanitary ware, hardware, brass lock, tiles, modular kitchen, home appliances, Led Lights, includes lighting, fire fighting, garding tools, paints, toys, jewelry, blanket, bed sheet,pls tell us where to buy all these in wholesale price near ningbo city, because we are coming to ningbo next month.

    Miss Nidhi Kapoor (08586927485)

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Nidhi,

      I think the only wholesale market you can buy all these products is Yiwu Wholesale Market, Yiwu is 3 hours drive away from Ningbo, both in Zhejiang province.
      So I would suggest you to go to this market.

      By the way, if you need, our company could provide one stop buy service at Yiwu wholesale market, which includes:
      Visit booths in the market
      Price neogtiation
      Payment(you pay us USD we pay the RMB)
      Product collection
      Quality control
      Product consolidation
      Export procedure

      Best regards,

  37. Abhilash. P says:

    Dear Mr. Steven,

    Good day,

    Sub: Enquiry for latest trendy party wears, hip hop wears & accessories & led/glowing party accessories for party & pubs/discs

    How you there? Its nice to have been come across your online support & services for sourcing of goods/materials in China. Its fantastic. I am an Indian working in Bahrain & planning to start off my own venture in Bahrain concentrating on launching trendy/latest party wears, accessories, hip-hop wears & ornaments, led/glowing items like glass sets, table wears etc for pubs/discs, hotels, restaurants etc. As Bahrain market has got good potential for these items, we are planning to import the said items to Bahrain from China.

    I would humbly request for your kind support & general informations about the availability of these products in Chinese markets. Please let me know which markets in China do have these items & if yes how can we negotiate & import these items to BAhrain… I am visiting China/Hongkong coming December & January. We shall meet up & would avail your guide to the markets to procure these items…

    We are very serious about it & we will be grateful to you if you would kindly let us have some information on the required items from China.

    Looking forward to hearing from you & meeting you soon.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Best regards,

    (Mob: 0097339401772 & 0097333380155

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Abhilash,

      I think you should visit Yiwu market to source all the products you are looking for.
      We have staffs in Yiwu to arrange your buy tour in Yiwu.
      Normally vendors in wholesale market don’t have export license, so after you purchase the products, we will collect, QC, consolidate, ship and export the products for you.


  38. Nico says:

    Hi Mr.Steven,

    I would like to import fashion clothes from China for retailing, so I come to China in the first time in early coming year. I concern about your services. Pls send me via email details of your service including your price you order. Thank you so much.

    Nico LE

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Nico,

      Thanks for your interest in our service.

      In your case, we can provide one stop solution including:
      Buy tour arrangement
      Product inspection, collection and consolidation

      We look forward to working with you.


  39. Jose Luis says:

    We would like to visit a wholesale market for lighting products-home and office lamps- Wich one is the best option….


    Jose Luis

  40. Ina says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Are there any good textile (clothing) wholesale and fashion accessories wholesale markets near Shanghai?
    Any in Yiwu? and how far is Yiwu from Shanghai?

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Ina,

      For textile wholesale market, Keqiao Texitile Market is the biggest one in China, it is only one hour bus ride from Hangzhou East Bus Station.
      For clothing wholesale, Hangzhou Sijiqing Wholesale Market is one of the biggest in China.
      Both are close to Shanghai.
      It takes 4 hours from Shanghai to Yiwu by train.
      There is flight from Shanghai to Yiwu as well, only need 1 hour.


  41. balvinder says:


    i am looking for printed silk wholesale markets in china to imports some prints.
    kindly advise some of them.

    thanks and regards

  42. mustatab says:

    sir i need textile accessories like ring bibbon or chemicals kindly guide me which city is best for these kinds of things ………… must be good quality and good price thx

  43. Arnav says:

    I am looking for china Pendrives Like San disk, Transcend, Toshiba, Samsung, Adata and many more. We wanted to buy in bulk quantity. Please can you suggest me the site from where could i buy cheapest at cheapest Pries…?

  44. Ranjit says:

    Well I am looking for the wholesale market or place,where I can find the chinese local brand vehicle spare parts. please please please I am tired to search the good market for the spare parts please someone tell me please.

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Ranjit,

      Maybe you can try the auto parts wholesale market in Guangzhou at Guangyuan Road.


  45. HI,
    I willing to import giant teddy bear 2 meter long (soft plush) from china in large quantity, but still i have not found a good supplier, any advise?
    Also i’m looking also for a reliable sourcing/shipping agent to ship all my product to Mauritius.

    Best regards
    seedaren valaydon

  46. sunny duggal from india says:

    Hi i m sunny from india
    i want to buy. belts for gents and wallet in wholesale so plz suggest for me which market best for me t
    Thank you sir

  47. Sujan says:

    Dear Steven,

    I am from Nepal. I would like to travel to China in January/February 2014, and I would like to visit the food market (groceries and grains). Please suggest me which wholesale market should I plan to visit.

    Thank you.

  48. SAIFUR RAHMAN says:


    could u please give me the info where i could buy cheap nike or polo t shirts wholesale, like ($ 3-5 ), [it doesnt matter if its not original, but the logo or tag should be the same]

    Thanks in advance

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Saifur,

      As it is illegal to buy or sell fake branded products, so we don’t recommend where to buy it.
      We suggest our users to stay away from copy products.

      Best regards,

  49. sami says:

    dear sir…. where i can get photographic equiments and pics frames n album 4=6 size envolopes in wholesale in china thx

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Sami,

      From what you describe, I think you should try Saig Electronics wholesale market in Shenzhen.

      Chinaimportexport team

  50. Bill says:

    i would like to know which wholesale or manufacture market will be best to buy NOVELTY items

  51. Rajeev says:

    i am looking for LED Flashlight markets in china, i am visiting ISPO2014 in beijing and i heard that there is not much in Beijing for LED’s, can you please suggest me where can i get to meet the LED Flashlight manifaturers?

    ive heard theres a huge market for LED flashlights in china.. i am looking for maining LED Lighting market in china. please give some info to it..


    • Xixi says:

      Dear Rajeev,

      I think maybe you should check, LED China Expo.

      Also if you attend the main international LED trade show, there are many Chinese suppliers attending those shows. Mostly big and established suppliers.

      Best regards,
      China Import Export Team

  52. Mohit says:

    Dear Steven,

    I must say that you are doing a fantastic job of helping people like us with questions related to sourcing, verification, QC, shipping, customs, tax, accounting, payment, legal issue related with importing from China.

    I will be visiting China in March. Could you please tell me which are the main RETAIL markets for Clothing and footwear. I DO NOT intend to purchase in wholesale. The maximum quantity that I will be purchasing is 5 pieces per product. Which are the best RETAIL markets where I would get good quality products at the LOWEST prices?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Mohit,

      For retail, I suggest to buy from ecommerce site like, price is cheaper than where you can buy from store, and you have more selection online.


  53. Vinay Rana says:

    Dear sir,

    I want branded shoes like Gucci,hermis, d&g,Nike ,and louisvitton etc so plz send the number and arrange some pics so I can come to china if it possible send me urgent as soon as possible sir
    Bye and take care

    • Xixi says:

      This is illegal business, Vinay.
      We are against such business, so we can’t provide any information about it.


  54. sami says:

    i want to buy sd card and flashdrives in wholsale qaunitity and pics photoframes and photo albums plz guide from which city n market i can get that thxx

  55. RUCHI MAHAJAN says:


    Can you please provide the market and vendor list of electrical goods and chinese diwali lights

  56. Siti says:

    Hi i wanted to go to China. May i know which area in china got wholesale market for me to go for shop fake branded bags? Do u guys have the address?

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Siti,

      We know where you can buy this product.

      But this is illgeal business, we don’t advocate our clients to do business related with branded bags.

      So we strongly suggest you to keep away from this business, for 2 reasons:
      1) legal risk, as it is against the law
      2) custom risk, your products are highly possible to be detained, you might be fined or jailed

      Best regards,

  57. FARA says:

    i am planning to buy some products from XI LIU wholesale market in liaoning. and can you tell me the cheapest way of shipping to uzbekistan. i will buy some clothes. bedsheets. and towel etc.

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Fara,

      Could you let me know:
      1) total CBM, gross weight, estimately of your purchase.
      2) where is the destination place

      So I can suggest the cheapest way of shipping.

      Best regards,

  58. zahida says:

    hi, im looking for bridal wear, airbrush makeup kits, aluminium makeup cases and trolleys, as im in makeup business,please advice I wil be in Shenyang this February..please do assist,for future business ties…

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Zahida,

      Shenyang has a big wholesale market, which is Wu’ai wholesale market, where you could find what you want to buy.
      But actually sellers at Shenyang wholesale market buy from the biggest wholesale market in China, Yiwu wholesale market.
      So if your schedule allow, why not visit Yiwu market?

      Best regards,

  59. vick says:

    Dear Steven,
    This is my first visit to china I am planing to go to guangzhou and yiwu for sourcing
    Product like
    Mobile accessories,disposable foam plates cups etc, swimwear & electric toys.
    please could you guide me the right place to go ie name of market and address.

    • Xixi says:


      I would suggest you to use sourcing service instead of coming here yourself.

      Reasons are:
      1) vendors at wholesale market don’t know how to export, so you have to ask for help again, after buying from the vendors in wholesale market. They don’t speak English, most of them are not companies.
      2) for next orders, are you planning to fly to here again to buy? it won’t be cost effective.

      But in case you want to come, here is introduction of Yiwu wholesale market:

      For Guangzhou wholesale market, could you let me know which products you plan to buy from Guangzhou, so I can suggest a wholesale market.
      Actually for electronics accessory, I would suggest to try wholesale market in Shenzhen, not in Guangzhou.


  60. prashant says:

    i want perfum and sports wear for mans in whole sale rate(cheap rate for deals) please give some info about the market in china

  61. James says:

    Dear Steven,

    I will be visiting YIWU in about a month time.
    can u tell me where to buy willow basket, decorative bag,
    for packaging of hampers- food products

    Regards, James

    • Xixi says:

      Hi James,

      As the supplier in Yiwu don’t speak English, you have to use sourcing agent service(such like us) to do sourcing, qc, payment, shipping and exportation.

      Best regards,

  62. Naved says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to know, Ladies footwear wholemarket, How to contact supplier from USA ? Any chiness marketplace in USA, California.

    Thank you

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Naved,

      What quantity you are looking at? For small quantity, you can buy at wholesale market, but supplier don’t speak English, you have to use sourcing agent.
      For big quantity, you can contact factory directly.

      Best regards,

  63. Hong Yun says:

    Good day. Im looking for the wholesale market of aluminum profile, glass accesories, door and window hardware and accesories. And promotional items like bag, cap and jacket. Hope you can help me ????

  64. Hong Yun says:

    Hi, good day im looking for gmt patch fitting (low price) please give me some info thanks

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Hong,

      Please send product specification and quantity so our sourcing expert can evaluate.

      Best regards,

  65. kitoyi says:

    Good day,
    Please I’d like to purchase clothing from china. College jackets to be precise. Please where can I purchase them in bulk ? Its urgent.

  66. Mayank says:

    Dear Sir

    We are looking for Wholesale Kitchenware and Household products Market in China.

    1. lunch boxes
    – students
    – staff/workers
    2. decoration items
    3. crstal items.
    4. cassaroles
    5. mugs
    6. flasks
    7. jugs
    8. storage boxes

    As we need 200-300 pcs each of the following and factories only sell MOQ.
    Can you please suggest a Wholesale market for these items for exporting to India.


  67. Parveen Goyal says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am looking for the wholesale market or place,where I can find the Cornstarch biodegradable items (5.8″ plates, 6″ plates, 7″ plates, 3 compartment plates, 4 compartment plates, bowls, spoons, cup and glasses etc.)
    We need around 100 cartons of each items. Looking forward for your kind response.

    Thanks & Regards

  68. Parveen Goyal says:

    Dear Sir
    I am looking for the wholesale market for cornstarch biodegradable tableware (Plates, bowls, cup, spoon) in bulk.

    Kindly suggest me the same.

    Parveen Goyal

  69. Arun says:

    Iam arun from india I would like to import some branded products like samsung , sony phones (orginal) . Where can i get it in china . please suggest me best wholesale sellers .

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Arun,

      It is illegal to buy fake branded products in China, while original one is more expensive here.


  70. Sachin says:


    I am from India. Planning to Visit the wholesale markets in China. Primarily i am need of fashionalble attires for dance and theatre purpose. Where can i stay ?

  71. irf says:

    plz i want hardware items
    where i find it.

    • Xixi says:

      It has to be Yiwu wholesale market, or the wholesale market in Yongkang, where it is known for hardware industry.


  72. kamran kamal says:

    I want to start a business asap which will only be dealing with girls outfits. all types of ladies garmets. so which place wil b suitable for me.

  73. Saleem says:


    I want to buy imitation jewelry/accessory from china and do business in India.

    Which places should I visit to buy and what is the procedure to get it imported to India.


  74. Bodunrin says:

    Hi Steven,

    I came across this website in search of places where I can purchase African lace, swiss voile lace, heavy lace etc. I am also interested in purchasing high quality clothes, bags and shoes.

    Could you kindly recommend the best places to go please?

    Many thanks,


    • Xixi says:

      Dear Bodunrin,

      If you are planning to come to China to source, I think you should go to Yiwu market.
      We also offer wholesale market sourcing service, we will handle sourcing, qc, shipping and export for you.

      Best regards,
      Steven Chow

  75. Assain says:

    Hi sir,

    I would like to start one cheaper market in Russia
    I want all kind of product with good quality to catch
    Russian market , can you please advice me
    That which supplier I can choose from china
    To start my business .. I want good supplier with all
    Kind of product …

    Thanking you
    Assain Bava

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Assain,

      If you can send me:
      1) list of products
      2) specification
      3) quantity

      I can better understand and suggest how to source in China.

      Steven Chow

  76. eddy says:

    Pls where can I buy wholesale quality and beautiful ladies shoes in china. Which wholesale market in china will I get american styles and good quality shoes and slippers for fashion ladies. Please advice which largest and best wholesale market in china. Thank you!

  77. Hi I am looking for electric item like extension cord.bicycle parts fan capacitor eats goods from china.will give me any idea about biggest wholesale market in china.

  78. Kenechukwu says:

    where do i buy cctv for sell in Nigeria; at cheaper rate and also where i can buy electronics as well. thanks

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Kenechukwu,

      I think you need to go to Shenzhen Saig electronics wholesale market to buy those products.

      Our company also offer sourcing service at Shenzhen Saig wholesale market, if you need, send inquiry to

      Best regards,

  79. pat says:

    hi could u advise me where best to bye beauty produts sutch as acrylic nail supplies nail varnish nail polish jel polish eye lash s beauty products ect

  80. Lalli says:

    I need a clothes that have been made for export. Where better to buy it? Big sizes, good quality!
    Thank you

  81. amarjeet says:

    dear sir
    i need to start from import to ladies \ gents \ footware & hand bag item so where is market in china
    i will collect all item

  82. I would like to know about the biggest market of Auto bulbs .

  83. sophia says:

    I am looking for woman shoes wholesale.

  84. miss abu says:

    Pls i am looking for where to buy quality men shirt, pams, and shoes. But i need your help in terms of buying and transportation, i would also see samples before buying. Thanks

  85. Joy says:

    I am looking for market were they sell party parks in wholesale

  86. Yasmin says:

    Where can I find the best quality wholesale accessories (jewelry,handbags,sunglasses,scarves. Etc.) for women in china? I really need your help & I also need the best! American styles that is.

  87. Archer says:


    Where is the wholesale market for mens and womens shoes. I am planning to go china next week.

  88. Nitin sethi says:

    Hi sir I am planning to import stationary product’s from china , office &school .Kindly tell me the source of market. And what help u can be.

  89. ovais says:

    hi…I am in yantai. shandong which market I prefer for baby diapers and pads wholesale?

  90. gary says:

    Hi Steven

    Its impressive to see your commitment to answering everyones questions. Keep up the good Work

    I have a travel website selling travel Accessories. I sell alot of stuff but as i dont wholesale my products it all one item at a time.. What Ive found is that I need ALOT ALOT of diffrent products on the site but i only want to buy in smaller quanties and then see how they go. If they sell quick then i can order in larger amounts. Most factories ask for MOQ larger than i want and need ..

    NOW for my questions

    1) what wholesale market is best for travel accessories and luggage
    2) how can i make sure i get good quality and good price
    3) Im planning a trip in september with the intention of buying alot of diffrent products so any suggestions you have would be great appricated

    thanks for your time

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your nice words.

      In your case, you should try places like to buy products in small volume then resell in your country. If you don’t speak chinese, search taobao agent on google, there is many agent help you to buy.

      For better quality, try

      Best regards,

  91. Harshdeep says:

    iam looking for a wholesale market of Automobiles parts and related items.


  92. vijay india says:

    we want best brass bathroom products which part of china give good quality and best rates

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Vijay,

      What about the quantity you will buy? if big enough buy from factory directly, if each items less than MOQ, but a lot of items to buy, go to wholesale market like Yiwu, there is a section selling bathroom products.


  93. Hi,I need your help, I want to know, where i can get Chines knitting cotton yarn prices on daily basis?

  94. ralf eager says:

    hi steven,

    I’m going to visit guangzhou end of this month. Could you please give some advice where can i buy eye glasses frame wholesale in guangzhou? Or maybe others place in china which has special wholesale eye glasses. Thanks in advance

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Ralf,

      Here is some information of glasses wholesale in Guangzhou:


      Main product :

      domestic and foreign famous brand products glasses, frames, glasses tablets, spectacles processing machinery, and other related products.


      Guangzhou glasses City located in Guangzhou city centre , which is adjacent to the Guangzhou Metro Line 1, the Guangzhou Railway Station, the Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Glasses City is the largest market of professional glasses in South China , and have influence on Southeast Asia, Europe and America all over the world .

      Address:guangzhou renminzhonglu 260 ???????260?


      Main product or service: glasses and accessories, optical products, etc.

      Address:guangzhou renminzhonglu 250 ???????250?

  95. Maneesh says:

    I am interested in importing silver, gold and similar looking gift items like frames etc.
    In addition to it I m also interested in starting a side business of importig and marketing any other profitable items like chemicals,electronics etc.

  96. Yash says:

    Hi there,
    I am looking for manufacturer and wholesaler for wallpapers
    In china which suitable market is best for me to start with
    Maximum no of category please do the needful

    Thanks & Regards
    Yash Narang

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Yash,

      Thanks for the interest in our sourcing service.

      Wallpaper is a product we are very familiar with, as every month, we are buying containers of Wallpaper in China.

      Please send the following information:
      1) your specification
      2) quantity

      Best regards,

  97. shelley says:

    Good day

    I’m looking for a wholesaler website where I can buy party products, like ballons, fancy dress costumes,decorations, christmas decorations, etc. I’m planning on opening up a small party shop and I’m looking to find a good cheap reliable supplier and to have it shipped to Zimbabwe.


    • Xixi says:

      Hi Shelley,

      There is no wholesale websites I knew for these theme.
      However, if you can send us product list, with quantity, we can help you to buy from factory(if quantity is big enought) or wholesale market(if not big enough), please email to

      Best regards,

  98. umang says:

    i want to buy bedsheets from china , which market i should go for cheapest price

  99. Victor says:

    Hi Steven ,

    Appreciate your efforts to reply to all queries and offering help.
    I would like to know the wholesale markets that can give me factory or wholesale price for the following –

    1. Electronics Spares and components
    2. Mobile Spares and accessories
    3. Batteries.

    I would also like to understand what services you offer.
    Can you please advise.

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Victor,

      For your items, the electronics market in Shenzhen is the perfect place.
      Our company have an office in Shenzhen, we often helped clients buying electronics and accessories from Shenzhen Saig wholesale market.
      If interested, please send inquiry to

      Best regards,

  100. Axi says:

    I am looking exclusively for home decoration (tea boxes, candles, ceramic coffee cups, small table lamps, home clothing, frames,…) and was wondering if Yiwu is the right market for it?
    While surfing on the official site of Yiwu, I haven´t seen any specific category for home decoration only some items that could fit to that category.
    Is that correct? Would another market in China be more suitable for that king of goods?

    thank you in advance for you reply.

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Axi

      For the items you mentioned, Yiwu market might be the best place to visit.
      If you can read Chinese, you can search the items on, but it is not thorough.
      We also offer buying from Yiwu service, if interested, please email us at

      Best regards,

  101. Lerato says:

    Hi,am in South Africa….wich online wholesaler can I get reasonable ladies clothing to re-sell on good price..

    Thank you

  102. Rajib Rahman says:

    Dear All

    I am rajib rahman.
    From Bangladesh.I am a fashion merchandiser works at al muslim group(Dhaka) .Garment
    you can throw a query for any thing specially garment Item(T-shirt, Shirt, Denim,Shorts,sweater) in cheap rate.
    plz contact me if really need or u can add me on skype(rajib_rodro)
    or email me (
    Call me +8801916199991

  103. rahul says:

    hi, i am looking for arts and craft or handicraft market.
    i am also looking for fibre wood which is used for making painting.

  104. Steve says:

    Looking for goo seller to buy belts shoes purses and glasses. I have 2 seller now not to good and looking for new.
    I am in Florida USA please help. I have qq 3052468807 text asap

  105. Tien L. says:

    hi! I’m from Indonesia

    I’m looking wholesale market for craft (everything related to cross stitch, knitting & crochet yarn, scrapbook, paper punch, rhinestone, etc).
    And which area / district has the best wholesale market for craft?

    Also looking for other. can you give any advice wholesale market for these type.
    craft , underwear , clothing baby – kids – adults (branded – non branded) , toys – dolls (branded – non branded) , wallet / bags (branded – non branded) , cooking – baking tools , hair accessories (branded – non branded) , fancy (branded – non branded).

    I’m also looking for translator to help me shopping in China.

    Thank you for any info i can get.

    Best Regards

  106. jitu says:

    i am getting so invoices from chine but i dnt know how to interact with them cause i dnt understand who is right choice for me to bussiness

  107. sunil says:

    I want shirt packing material s like pvc collar suporot , butterfly, plastic clips , shirt pin, buttons etc
    So pl sujest me whick mkt suitable me I already by from yiuw mkt


  108. Vijay Patel says:


    I am about to start a new home decor store in Pune, Maharashta India.
    I am looking for wholesale home decor accessories.
    I want suppliers who would also take the responsibility of delivering the goods to india safely.
    Could you please help me with this.

    Vijay Patel

  109. Rafael says:


    Searching for small and big auto parts market places in Gunagdong and other areas of China.

    So far I have identified Yongfu market in GZ and Yiwu in Zhejiang.

    Can please advise me where to find other markets or smaller number of showrooms, maybe stores nearby factories?

    Also interested in existing ones in Shenzhen


  110. Precilla says:

    I want to go for some winter clothes,boots,bags and accessories for girls in huge quantity.
    Could hou plis suggest me some market.wit d direction.

  111. M Yasir says:

    i want to ask you something about the kids toys and cosmetics. which market is suitable for me because i live in pakistan, what the shiping charges.


  112. mary mwihaki says:

    please i want to know where i can buy new vehicle spare parts and vehicle decorations vehicle radios and vehicles DVDS

  113. Ismail says:

    I wish to get help in importing ballpoints/ pens from china to pakistan . Wold you please suggest from where i can get that and any dealer i can get in contact please

  114. SRABON says:

    I’m looking for mobile accessories in china???tnx

  115. Mohammed Yaseen says:

    Hello sir
    I am looking book printer in china.
    Plz tel me about printers
    Thank you

  116. Terry says:

    Hi , I am looking to make contact with a supplier in Evergreen Kun Clothing Market 3029, Garments Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Hat Man. Can you help me please?

  117. Iqbal says:

    Looking for baby products such as baby strollers,walkers,baby chairs,car seats,baby cycles

  118. Jenny says:


    I’d like to go to wholesale markets that are selling fashion watches like geneva.. any suggestions?

  119. rajesh says:

    hello myself name is rajesh i had a requirement in ladies bellarina,long heels,wedges,sandals means all type of ladies footwear so please suggest me a good quality of ladies shoes wholesale market in china my mode of quantity is 8pairs in per color and pattern

  120. rajesh says:

    i usually purchase from thailand nut now i want to purchase from china so please help me

  121. Gurung howah says:

    I am Gurung I wanna Import Apple Laptop, iphone, ipad, imac .. etc etc… spare parts. So can u tell me where nd how I can buy?

  122. Musthafa says:

    Dear sir,
    I want to know which is the wholesale market for cosmetic like face cream, foot mask, face mask etc.

  123. Luc says:


    I am looking for coffee wholesale market in Guangzhou to sell Luwak coffee (Robusta and Arabica) from Indonesia.

    If anybody could help me 🙂

    Best regards,


  124. Ester says:


    We are finishing a high standard new tourist resort in Spain and we are looking for everything that is needed for the apartments like kettles, microwaves, hair dryers, cloth hangers, luggage carts, luggage racks, outdoor dustbins, kitchen and tableware, etc etc. Everything must be top quality. Where would you suggest we buy these products?

  125. shivansh mahindru says:

    respected sir
    i am looking for wholesale market of sanitary for business.
    i will be very thankful to you if you reply me

    best regards

  126. Khaled Amin says:

    i want baby cloths and hairbands wholesale market in chaina. may be near Gwangju. can you help me? where should i visit? do you provide guide for 1 day? rate?

  127. maanav says:

    I am looking for led bulb ,led bulb raw materials & other cfl meterial

  128. Nasser says:

    Please advise me where I can get bedding sets wholesale Markets

    Thank you

  129. marsha says:


    I am looking for wedding gift wholesale and also scrapbook materials. Could you advice me?

    I am going to Hong KOng and Shenzhen this december. Hence really need your help.

    Thank you.

  130. mocca says:

    Hi am mocca from india can you suggest me please where to buy fashion apparels for womens specially european inspired garments or if any markets which sells in wholesale european stuff

  131. shershad says:

    Hi, i am looking for car accessories market. Can some one help me to find car accessories at cheap price..

  132. Rocky says:

    Dear sir,
    I would like to search for cycling jersey and bicycle accessories.. Hope to have your suggestion.

    Thanks and best regards,

  133. andien says:

    I will go to china for the first time, Im looking for baby and kids wear wholesale with the cheapest price, where should I go? Yiwu or baima?

  134. anup says:

    hi i m anup from india i want to buy led panel light from china looking for indian agent to help me find out this items my contact num +919377709711 watsaap on same num

  135. Regine Lee says:

    Hi Steven
    I am looking for high quality Lace Trimming. All kinds
    Where can I find it at Yiwu ?
    From Cheng du Airport. How can I go Yiwu ?

  136. Regine Lee says:

    I need whole sale prices for the high quality trimming lace. Any where you can recommend in Guangzhou. If Compare Yiwu and Guangzhou. Which better location to find resources ?

  137. Mandy says:

    I am searching for wholesale market for fashion jewelry. I am looking for both european style and indian style fashion/artificial jewelry. Please suggest me a good manufacturers/ wholesale market for the same.


  138. astriti says:

    Hi steven.
    i am from albania. I need whole sale prices desk bakey bread . what you sugest to me

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Naseer,

      CIE sourcing provide sourcing services, we have 3 sourcing offices in south, east and north China.
      Please send specification, quantity and requirement to, our sourcing staff will contact you within 1 business day.

      Best regards,
      CIE sourcing

  139. Yk says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to know about flooring tiles and marble market in china

  140. Kashif says:

    Hi, I am looking to purchase wholesale fashion, hair, makeup, artificial jewellery wholesalers do you know which market do I need to visit.


  141. Kashif says:

    HI I am looking for wholesalers in China for Fashion Accessories, Imitation Jewellery, Hair Accessories etc. Can you please let me know which Is the best place to go to?.



  142. Muahammad Asim says:

    I am looking for computer item’s from china , Which is the best please for me in china ?
    I want normal quality products , Cheap rate products, So which place is best for me ?

  143. Muahammad Asim says:

    I am looking for computer item’s from china , Which is the best place for me in china ?
    I want Cheap rate products, So which place is best for me ?

  144. Sam says:

    Hello Xixi,

    I am from Pakistan, I am looking to start a business for which i am looking for traders and also manufacturers. I want to look for all products, from electronics, home goods, clothing and all other possible things. Kindly guide me which city and markets should i visit for an overall good experience. I want to visit only one city for all future business trips. I am also looking for best possible prices, good quality and cheap shipping cost.

    Awaiting a quick reply.


  145. Aditi says:

    I’m from India and looking for wholesale fabrics and also trims laces and buttons mostly for kids wear. Also is there any place for getting bulk orders stiched and sent to India?

  146. Aditi says:

    I’m interested in starting an High end boutique for kids clothing, so I am looking for wholesalers who deal in high end stuff and boutiques too. Also fabrics and trims wholesalers mainly dealing in kids prints.

  147. Kashif says:


    I like to know if the wholesale markets will be open for business in January 2015. I am told that due to Chinese New Year there will be holidays in January till February 2015. Can you please let me know.



  148. bhaskar says:

    iam looking for new women fancy items business ..i dont know about these chaina products where these items buy in india.

  149. abhi says:

    hi my name is abhishek mishra. i am from india. i am interested in purchasing nail art products from china. i want to know where i can get nail art products in china at low price.
    thank you

    abhishek mishra

  150. ismail hossain says:

    hello sir,i am looking for shoes, bags, women under garments wears and jewelery from china to bangladesh. Which is the best please for me in china ? i need qualified things but in low range.please help me…….

  151. Samer says:


    Your are profoundly appreciated for the time spent to reply to our questions.

    I am looking for home textile products such as embroidered bed comforter sets, bathroom accessories, blankets…
    The thing is i need high quality products of medium quatities and as i heard Yiwu wholesale market can supply medium quatities but not high quality products.
    I need your advice on this matter.

    Thank you

  152. Elsabe says:


    I am looking for wholesale costume jewellery. I am situated in South Africa. Any good quality and cheap companies in China?

    Thank you!

  153. raja says:

    I am from Paris i am interested ladies fabric like chiffon, velvet, poplin, cotton, embroidery satan ets please advise me which city is cheaper price and good fabric, thanks

  154. AhWin says:

    Hello there,

    Can I know where in GZ I can find a one stop wedding decor supply?

    Also, where can I buy wood chiavari chairs? Is there a specific area?


  155. Manuel M. says:

    I purchase goods from China since years, in several fiels, practicly always from manufactures. Now I need Baby & Child (0-10 years) garments, trousers, shoes, etc. Good quality, good design, ready to ship goods, not order. Which market is better for this purpose?

  156. goodluck says:

    pls I want to know where I can get plumbing fittings and accessories

  157. Santhosh kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    I am an Indian currently doing business in Middle East.So i have a plan to come in China for purchasing mobile accessories in bulk.I dont have any idea about the best market places in China please guide me the proper market for genuine accessories.And please guide me in detail for the market protocol of China as well.Looking forward your reply.

    Thanks & regards,


  158. Rizwan says:

    I am looking watches from china , Which is the best place for me in china ?
    I want Cheap rate products, So which place is best for me ? i live in harbin, heilongjiang, china.
    please send me the link, where i can choose the place,

  159. Punit says:

    I require latest accessories for mobile in bulk quantity can you suggest me where can I get in china.

    Punit Jain

  160. Pham says:

    Hi Steven,

    I’m Pham from Vietnam.
    Normally, the Forein Garment Factories in Vietnam export to Japan, USA around 78-80 USD/ 1pcs Shirt. However, we can collect all the Faulty Garment Products and sell export with very cheap price.

    I would like to contact with Wholesaler in China as your link,

    But almost is Chinese language.
    Could you help me to recommend the Person in Charge or per Wholesaler as: Baima, Fumin, Sijiqing… with familiar English ?

    Thanks for your support, always.
    My email:

  161. Jamal says:

    I m Jamal I need amara sheet for cycling gloves can u suggest me some dealer in china it is my wechat iD 13711734271

  162. giannis says:

    Hi ,
    I am looking for Sheets, WHITE LINEN in Guangzhou where is a whoolesale market
    thank you.

  163. cathy says:

    Hi ,
    I am looking for the wholesale market which sell faked brand dresses such as chanel,gucci etc . which is the best place to find this kind of products .

    thanks and bestRegards

  164. cathy says:


    I am aslo looking for the wholesale market which sell Home decorations which was European style . could you aslo advice which is the best market to go ?

    Thanks and Bestregards

  165. Ahsan says:

    Hi I am looking for stock lots of baby Diapers, can any one guide me where is the market or any suppliers information?

  166. Eyitayo says:


    I am about starting a party shop in Nigeria.Please where can I get western export quality party supplies viz kiddies themedcharacter accessories,balloons,pinatas, table covers,party favors,everthing that is required in a party shop and also top quality display racks.

    Thank you

  167. pooja kshatriya says:

    hi i want to wholesaler for colthing please contact me in india

  168. AJ Kazmi says:


    I am interested to continue my studies of MS in china with secondary goal of doing business of export to Australia. Kindly suggest me the best place to study with monitoring wholesale market of various items (clothes, electronics, stationary items, leather bags/dairies, toys etc). It will be a great favor to me if u guide me in this regard.

    Kind regards,
    AJ Kazmi

  169. AGNESE says:

    hi! i’m looking for bed linen set which are sent to Ireland! intrested 3d bedding sets and wholesale stocks directly from the manufacturer! cheap bedcloathes! without mark-ups!

  170. Jags says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I am looking for the SURPLUS(stocklot)of fabrics like cotton,yarn, lenin fabric.
    Can you please suggest from where we can buy this stuff or which market is good to visit for same
    I will be very thankful to you.

    Thanks & Regards

  171. Patrik says:


    i want to know every stainless steel jewlery market in Guangzhou and in near cities.
    I know just Liwan market but i want to know of something bigger.

    Best Regards

  172. sandeep says:

    Dear sir
    Im sandeep,looking for America diamond jewelry in china so which is the better place 4me..
    Reagarding from
    Sandeep G

  173. mukaram says:

    I needed used Mobil wholesale please in wplease help me in wich city China largest used Mobil wholesale market

  174. mukaram says:

    Where is the whole sale market
    Sale used mobile market in china

  175. muhammad mehdi says:

    Hi i am from pakistan i want to know whole sale market of stationery
    item in yiwu and guwanzhou

  176. muhammad mehdi says:

    Hi i am from pakistan i want to know whole sale market of stationery
    item in yiwu and guwanzhou china

  177. kashif says:

    hellow sir,
    i want to start a buisness of import and sale plz tell me some store which can asist me in this regards.actually i want to start with very low investment and item type..i.e and head phone ,usb flash etc…i am from pakistan pls tell me

  178. Priyanka Gupta says:


    I am in a process of setting up an online retail store which will have n array of products like fashion jewellery(earrings,pendants,neclaces etc), hand bags, shoes and home decor.

    As its a start up so I am looking for suppliers who deal in small quantty like minimu 2 or 3 pieces/product and maximum 10.

    Could you suggest who to get in touch with.

  179. sam says:

    where can i buy racing cycling jersy and etc?

  180. nabil says:

    i am looking for a wholesale market for sun glasses or frames…

  181. Moutaz says:


    I am looking for the best silver market in China in terms of quality and price.


  182. shahjan karim says:

    hi xixi I want micro sd card and moble any accessories plz tell me wherr I ll go

  183. Yama says:

    i am Yama,
    From Kabul,Afghanistan
    I want to start a business soon of selling childern pants…. and plan to buy directly from china

  184. Yama says:

    I am looking for children pants…. item’s from china , Which is the best place for me in china ?
    I want Cheap rate products, So which place is best for me ?

  185. JGS says:


  186. Ann says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking into fashionable wholesalers in China for items such as wallets, bags and belts. May I know which wholesaler I can visit?

  187. Mohammed Hafeez says:

    Hi very soon i am starting a business. I want to know where can i get mobiles and accessories, electronic items, toys and ladies fancy items.

  188. Jitesh Rajpal says:


    I am interested in importing bedsheets from China to India. Is there a way that your team can help me to get this started. I would need complete information i.e. from order to deliver in India. If someone can contact me in this regards, that would be greatly appreciated.


    Jitesh Rajpal

  189. Hossein says:

    Dear sir,
    Im looking for metal wholesale market in metal home decoratin accessories.

  190. Adeel says:


    I am interested in importing plastic items manufacturer machines from china to Pakistan. Would you please help me in this regard.


  191. ankit says:

    Where to get good quality wholesale lot fashion, costume, imitation and silver jewelry in china. Also please direct me the ways to import from china the same.

  192. kevin says:

    Hello Steven, I am looking to buy variety of things in small quantities for retailing here in my country. Things like jewelries, clothes, and many other commodity things. I need reliable websites that I can shop from and that can ship to africa. Thanks

  193. Sriram says:

    Please let me know right place to buy feng shui items..

  194. susam says:

    we are looking to buy branded blankets in king size , can somebody guide us , which is the best place to buy and including the costs etc. We need these for Zimbabwe market. Thanks in advance. Regards , Susam.

  195. JAMES EYORHE says:


  196. Prabhjot says:


    I am looking to buy fancy lights and chandeliers from China and get these shipped to India, can you please let me know which wholesale market is meant to serve my purpose.


  197. hemang vaghela says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to start wholesale textiles business shirting. Give me best suggetion for that…

  198. Amin says:

    I willing import hardwares materials like lock ,taps ,bolt nuts ,nail ,handles ,and others meterials for building construction can u guide me which is best place and can guide me to all places

  199. Kams says:

    Dear sir I am looking for steel utensils and steel coil sheets wholesale market in China please help

  200. melina says:

    Hello, I would like to know where is the best place to buy beauty products, spa, beach products?

  201. bhanu v says:

    We need Chargeable Mens Hair Trimmer. Can you please suggest some factories since our quantities are quite large.

  202. keshav says:

    hello i want to order mobile accessories without going to china i want to get best prices

  203. Sonnie says:

    I would like to understand, as we have a Snack product from Thailand, would like to know how can i get our product into China market and coverage nationwide. I mean you have this service or we need to contact different distributors in China, thanks

  204. Cynthia says:


    We want to go to china for real sterling silver jewelry. Where can we go? Shenzhen or Other place?

  205. jaggi says:

    sir im looking for cosmetic items on wholesale prices in china

  206. manan says:

    i am manan

    i looking wholesale mobail accesrioes product with the cheapest price and have your suggestion on web site and plece.

    thenk u


  207. Sourabh says:

    Dear Concern..
    I am looking forwARD for lamp shades/fancy lights market in China for bulk purchase. Please suggest the name of town/district/province..

  208. sunnyl kumar says:

    m interested in chinese cosmetics and ladies apprales and artificil jewelery, try to contact u from 10 days but no responce from ur side, please contact me on

  209. Abdul majid says:

    I need to know the markets with clothes for export. Do you know such? Thank you for replay..

    MOBILE NO . – 00966 0508091007
    MOBILE NO . – 00966 546541812


    MOBILE NO . – 0091 8127844449
    MOBILE NO . – 0091 9044710888


    MOBILE NO .0091 9889346092
    MOBILE NO .0091 9044055550
    MOBILE NO .091 8953678865

    ADDRESS – Shop No – 8 , Upper Floor , New Haider Hussain Plaza , Chowk Bazzar , Lucknow , Uttar Pardesh , India – 226001 .

  210. Ritesh Raj Gupta says:

    Can you tell me where is cosmetics products wholesale market in china to import in nepal.

  211. Jasbir Singh says:

    I am looking for a place where i can get the prefab housing technology / machines / items. Interior and exterior housing items. Please suggest me where can i find these items?

  212. Ijaz says:

    you contact with me i have mobile phone and accessories Self business and i want purchasing accessories my mobile number .009203016894361

  213. Jubair says:

    Hi,I am looking for all kind of shoe. But I am not live in chain. How should I contact. And how should I buy man & ladies shoe. Can any one plz help me?

  214. kashif says:

    Dear sir,

    i need shenzhen major seafood importers details so if you have please send me .



  215. Sarath says:

    Dear sir
    I want to know details of cosmetic items.Which mkt is cheeper in China & how will be the process for importing to Kenya.

  216. akshay says:

    i am looking for home and garden items kitchen items unique home items gadets which market should i go for ?

  217. Wajahat Shigri says:

    Hi Steven, I am looking for good quality warm jackets, sweaters, uppers and other items related to winter clothing.
    Could you please recommend me the best market for winter clothing in china, thankyou.
    best regards
    Wjahat Shigri

  218. Njoku says:

    Pls i’m from Nigeria and I want to go into business of kids clothes and shoes with my own design. Are there manufacturers that can produce d goods for me with quality materials but at a cheap price. Thank u for this blog, it’s been really helpful.

  219. Sarj says:


    I’ll be coming to Guangzhou in 3-4 days. Where can I go for sequin kind of work dresses, jackets,tank tops, etc? Im trying to find a manufacturer who has these kind of clothes specifically, can you pls advise. Also who are the top crystal jewelry manufacturers in Guangzhou? Where can I order retail shopping bags in bulk for my new Jewelry store, where I can get my store name printed on the shopping bag?

    Your help is appreciated.




  220. Alex says:


    I’m looking for a wholesale market where I can buy bulk chain to make jewelry. Which one could I try?


  221. clement says:

    where can I buy electronic goods like TVs, cellphones radios, DVDs at a cheaper wholesale price

  222. waqas says:

    Where is the shoe material wholesale market in wenzhou

  223. jac says:


    Pls help advise where in guangzhou can i buy cycling jersey (wholesale/bulk) at cheaper price.


  224. waheedmehsood says:

    hello sir i am from pakistan i need a fancy net and embriodary net verities for resell for my own shop and distribute other shops please advise me in skype my id is waheedmehsood_baba

  225. Ruslan Rakyshev says:

    Interested in importing Aptamil product to China or selling directly to a wholesaler who does import. UK product. Advance payment.

  226. amit says:

    I am looking for wholesale market for shop display props for festive season.
    Thanks for suggesting.


  227. henil says:

    hi i am henil visaria i am from india i am going to visit china on 10th of oct & will be there till 21 i want to start online business of car & bike assessories the odder will be in bulk i can add more item in my list which are fast in selling & high in profit margin i want to visit the market can you suggest which market will go good for me & can you do the shiping work for me

  228. Madan Sharma says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    ?Good Morning!!!!!!!!?

    Greetings of the day……

    ?As per your reference weblinkdi, ?I am Madan from A. Textiles, India, We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an Dealing & representative of Manufacturer and Exporter for several foreign and local companies as well since a long time. We have been working in the field worldwide market for many years since our company was started from 1998. All of our suppliers from India and Pakistan are textile manufacturers having most modern and latest machinery. As well we are also dealing with 100% Cotton comber Noil, Blended, Combed, Carded Waxed, Un-waxed Knitted and Weaving Yarn.
    ? for the satisfaction and smooth service of our customer and supplier’s we have establish office in India. On our side will be really interested in representing your company in the markets cited above and we feel honored to introduce your company as a customer to our worthy suppliers especially in all over India. So if you are interested on our proposal of cooperation and let us buy your required Cotton Yarn and Fabric from abroad, we would highly appreciate if you could send us your requirements from time to time. This will enable us to quote you our best competitive offer, we assure the quality of yarns & Fabric supplied through us will be according to your standards and taste.

    12 /1 to Carded, Combed Hosiery, Knitting, Single, Double, Multifold Slub, Yarns, Blended Yarn: P/C, C/V, CVC, C/A, Cotton Modal: 100% Bamboo, Soya Yarn, filament Yarn, Mono Filament Nylon Yarn, Organic Cotton Yarn: Gots, Flo and Cu Certification. Please give us the enquiries as soon as possible.

    I want to start of the yarn & Fabric business with you and your company sale of the yarn minimum FCL per month? trail basis?.

    Looking forward to have a business possibility soon from your end Products Offer Of
    ? ?type Yarn.

    Note: Please give us the reply after read the our mail for my record purpose…………………………………………………………………………………

    ?Kindly acknowledge the receipt by return

    Thanks & Warm regards

    M/s ?Abhinuj Textiles??
    Cell No. 91 9871079660
    Cell No. 91 9716366585
    Skype: madan.lal78
    E-Mail : { Cotton? ?Yarn Dp?tt}
    E-mail: { Fabric De?pt?t.}
    Notes: Looking forward to have a business possibility soon from your end Products Offer Of all type Woven Grey Fabric ( Duck, Canvas, Sheeting, Poplin and Yarn Dyed Check and all type Dyed Fabric)?, ?cotton Yarn? ?also into Jacquard Mattress Ticking Fabric,? ?Ready Made Garments?

  229. John says:

    Want to know the best wholesale market for PU jackets for men and women in China.



  230. Sureka says:

    We are manufacturing non woven shopping bags and also the cloth bags for storing sugar and all grocery I would like to export my bags to your place.

  231. Raj says:


    I am looking for gift items like, photo frames, Domes, Quotations, Coffee Mugs etc. Please suggest me some best markets in China.

  232. Mr. Ephraim says:

    Hi Steven,

    I am from Nigeria,
    I am so amazed at the wonders of yiwu wholesale market,
    I am into books business both education & religion, but I also have
    Passion for other business like nylon, lotion & body spray.
    I am so interested in buying my stock from China. But I will like to
    come to China so I can see the book market and other stocks so I can begin my purchase
    How do I get an invitation letter from China that will enable me to obtain visa to come to China
    and where in China do I go?

  233. Shashikant Gaikwad says:

    I wants to start business of clothing (Men, women & Kids) & wants to import from chiana market.
    Please provide us the supplier & also please mail me pricing of cloths.

  234. Laura says:

    I am interested in bedding blankets blankets.
    I was already in Yiwu. understand that they sell secondhand dealers
    Please tell me where I can go.

    Thanks and regard

  235. Siddiqui says:


    i want shirts fabric wholesale market in China with easy delivery at Karachi.



  236. Rilwan says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a trucker hat whole seller that is going work with me in bringing my ideas and design to life , I will appreciate any help thank yo

  237. aashish says:

    i am looking for second hand or used mold of injection mold. mold of bathroom mirror or corner shelf.

  238. Ben says:


    we are looking for wenzhou factories who are making mens ???

    will appreciate if you can introduce some factories. thank you


  239. Ben says:


    we are looking for wenzhou factories who are making mens height increasing shoes
    will appreciate if you can introduce some factories. Best Strollers 2018  thank you


  240. Mary says:

    Am looking for wholesale market for Human hair weave and wigs. Can you suggest where i can go for these items. Thanks

  241. fahad says:


    I would like to know the wholesale markets that can give me factory or wholesale price for the following –

    1. Hp Original printer cartridges
    2. All kinda printer cartridges
    3. Stationery Wholesale

    I would also like to understand what services you offer.
    Can you please advise.

  242. Sagar rai says:

    Hi… m from india himalayas region. I like to import ladies accessories in wholesale from Yiwu china. But my problem is how to import goods from china to india siliguri. I don’t have import licence also… can you please suggest me…

  243. Jignesh says:

    I deal in luggage bags and its accesories. I was looking to source luggage trolley bags (medium and High Quality) from china. Can you please help me find the wholesale market for luggage goods apart from Guangzhou where i can get the products as per my requirements.



  244. Yana says:

    hii,, im looking for wholesale market and manufacturers of jewellery, hats, caps and bag in guangzhou..which one market is the best for me??plz contact me by email

  245. emmohamed says:

    Kindly I own a fishing tackles shop in my country and I’m planning to travel to china to have some products for my shop and I want to know which town should I go and which markets.

  246. erly says:

    I am looking for suppliers/manufacturers for blankets and bed linens. We need low prices at the same time good quality.Please let me know some of the suppliers/manufacturers. We are interested to buy bulk orders and plan to visit there in China to have business relationships.

  247. Osama says:

    Please tell me children clothes wholesale markets like kid city on zongshan ba road guangzhou. I also visit to kod coty but i want more wholesale markets.
    Please help me

  248. Pradeep chanv says:

    Hi, I m want spin mop plz suggest me manufacturer.

  249. sunil says:

    I am looking for Ladies Top,Drees And Garment for Ladies from china , Which is the best place for me in china ?
    I want Cheap rate products, So which place is best for me ?

  250. Shelly says:

    Hi, I’m looking to wholesalers that can customize a carry-on case for me. Specializing in Eva material for waterpoof case. Would you know which company that does it?

    Thank you so much for your time reading. It will help me fast track my research.

  251. Mohammed says:

    Hi I’m looking to purchase android boxes such as mxq and mxq pro. Trying to get the best price also good quality products too. Already dealing with alibaba sellerd but I want to undercut those prices. Will be coming to China soon .


  252. Moises Buan says:

    im looking for cheap price and whole sale of office supply and school supply?

  253. hitesh says:

    i m looking for womens/ladies cloting for wholsale,
    can u plz suggest me market & also how it will be shipped from china to india & in how many days i well get stock from china to india?

  254. hitesh says:

    i m looking for womens/ladies cloting for wholsale,
    can u plz suggest me market & also how it will be shipped from china to india & in how many days i well get stock from china to india ?
    or whats pp me detail on 8087900032

  255. Dennis says:

    Im going to guanzhou and im looking for the wholesale of gowns and wedding gowns.

  256. manoj meena says:

    hiii i want to sell umbrella dress and other products in china market so please advice me how can i sell it in china market.thanx… mahima fashion manoj meena 9828763226

  257. Sudip Bhurtel says:

    I want to do business in nepal chinese products.

  258. Ali Tayyari says:

    is there any wholesale market in Xingcheng, China?

  259. meraj says:

    hello everyone, i from UAE, i going to visit in china 1st time, can anyone tell me that where can i get cars auto parts wholesalers in china which city,

  260. Fiona says:

    Hi I am looking for Korean slimming products or beauty products in Guangzhou to sell.

  261. Yomi Ojo says:

    I am from Lagos Nigeria, I need some links to put me through,
    How to get different types of material cotton for lace production in Nigeria with industry machines and other related equipment. Best regards

  262. Velmurugan. R says:


    I have plan to open a Fancy Items Shop in India. Can you suggest some Good Wholesalers in China below mentioned products.

    Products: Lady’s Fancy Items like Leather Bags/Ear Rings/Bangles/Chain/All kind of Lady’s Fancy Ornaments.


    +971 55 9668790


  264. Marina says:

    Hello. I am a manager of a big russian firm. We sell food (meet, milk products). Where could i show and sell my products?

  265. Sachin mehta says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m looking for stationary product in bulk with good quality,kindly suggest us where we can purchase, right now I’m in ningbo for some other work and if nearby ningbo any wholesale market is available then I’ll be like to go there. Will be thankful for any type of help.

  266. mohammed says:

    i am mohammed. i am going to start newly shope for electronic items like tabs mobile laoptop computer, etc. so how can i get all electricn items from china. can u help me pls

  267. sajida malik says:

    hello i want to start a business of wholesale fabric in pakistan on minimum investment…can you please guide me the way i can do…
    waiting for you response…. need guidance..

  268. GOPAL CHAMARIA says:


    I have been researching how to import the electronic,toys,Home appilance and many more from China to india and came across your website.

    Would you help someone in visiting these markets, or do you have people who would scour the market for us to help put us in touch with a specific type of supplier?

    All the best,


  269. Hasan says:

    Can you guide me to usb and electronics market in Shenzhen ?

  270. Charles says:

    Hi good day please an looking for electrical items bulbs
    And switch where is the best wholesale market in china
    And are any wholesale market for this electrical items
    Here in Guangdong province,thanks for your valuable help

  271. Steffy Thomas says:

    Hi , I want to buy christmas decorations for less price and import them to my place .. where is the best place to visit and buy… kindly reply

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