Yiwu Agents Service: Buying, Import, Export & Shipping

Yiwu Wholesale market is No.1 wholesale market in China, CIE SOURCING has been purchasing hundreds of containers products for buyers all around the world in Yiwu market, from stationary products to carpets, from electronics to construction materials.

Background of Yiwu Market

  • Yiwu market is located in Yiwu, Jinhuang, Zhejiang province, with trains and planes connecting the major sea and air ports in China.
  • Yiwu market has more than 100,000 booths, with yearly sales volume of 34.8 billion RMB, arguably world’s largest wholesale market.

Why Us:

  • CIE  has a branch in the Yiwu market, we serve you at the site, on the ground
  • CIE connects with 500+ booths and 100+ factories


Sourcing experts with nearly ten years working experience

Contact Us

Email info@chinaimportexport.org or call 0086 451 8333 0833 to book Yiwu buying service now.

17 responses to “Yiwu Agents Service: Buying, Import, Export & Shipping”

  1. Carlos Leon says:

    hello i will like to know your your company information for making business, im currently intersted in buying in Yiwu and need and agent. thanks.

    Carlos Leon

    • Xixi says:

      Dear Carlos,

      Thanks for your inquiry and interest in our Yiwu sourcing agent service.

      Could you please send us the following information so we can prepare quotation for you:
      1) products list you plan to buy from Yiwu
      2) specification
      3) picture if possible
      4) quantity for each products
      5) is it your first time buying from China or Yiwu?
      6) your company name, and telephone number

      We will provide one stop sourcing service, which includes:
      a. product sourcing
      b. price negotiation
      c. contract negotiation
      d. quality inspection
      e. container consolidation
      f. shipping
      g. exportation

      For some products, we might try other wholesale market(depends on your products), for example, for textile, we should be able to find better price in Keqiao, Shaoxing market, than Yiwu. If your quantity is not very small for each product, then we should try to buy from factory directly to get better price. Yiwu suppliers mostly are not factories, they are wholesalers.

      Will you come to China yourself or we handle everything for you?

      Best regards,
      Steven Chow, Director
      Chinaimportexport.org | Cheaper, Safer, Easier
      Harbin Dolphin Trading Co.,Ltd.
      Chinawhy International Limited
      Room 303 Building D, Longpu City Plaza
      Huaihe Road Harbin P.R.C 310005
      T:0086 451 8333 0781
      F:0086 451 8333 0780
      M:0086 136 4457 9179

  2. asif says:

    Sir I want to import casual shoes from yiwu .Please tell me about the procedure of buying from yiwu and shipment to pakistan. Thanks

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Asif,

      You need to find a sourcing agent(such like us) to help you to do sourcing, arrange payment, quality control, export.
      And you need to appoint a shipping agent to do the shipping, and maybe custom clearance in Pakistan if you don’t have experience.


  3. Hussein says:


    Which is the largest clothing and kids wear market in China? Is it in Guangzhou or Yiwu??


    • Xixi says:

      Dear Hussein,

      For clothing wear market, Guangzhou Baima is better than Yiwu.
      If you need sourcing help in Yiwu or Guangzhou, we can help.

      Best regards,

  4. Abhishek says:

    Hello sir
    I would like to source food items
    Mono sodium glutamate
    Split cassasia etc
    In bulk quantities
    So can u help us in this sourcing n make a proper visit to the markets


  5. Darshika says:

    I am looking for trip grip shopping bag holders in Fiji from yiwu wholesale market,
    Can you please give the cheapest rate for the particular item ? I would like to have a cheap rate for shipping as i want to do wholesale in Fiji.
    Requesting for best price. Wishing we will have more business in future.

    Note: For the first time We can place the order of minimum 200pcs.

    • Xixi says:

      Hi Darshika,

      Thanks for your interest in our Yiwu buy service.
      We can provide one stop service, sourcing, quality control, export and shipping.
      Could you provide more detailed specification, so we can prepare quotation.

      Best regards,

  6. ismail hossain says:

    hello sir,i’m Ismail hossain from Bangladesh.i’m interested to import women’s under wear,shoes,bags and imitation jewelary.so please tell me about the procedure of buying from yiwu and shipment to bangladesh.

  7. sumit rewri says:

    Sir, i want to import automatic washing machines, it washes and dries the clothes within minutes. i want to use them for commercial purposes like “quick and clean” laundry in india. i do not have any specification. You may show some models so that i can choose out of them.

  8. Amin says:

    Hai I like import hardware meterials like taps,locks,basin, bolt nuts ,nails, door fittings and ect ect ….. Can u guide me to all . How can I contact u . I had plan to come china on July

  9. Barnabas says:

    Dear CIE,
    Good day to you and thanks for your services.
    Please i need to know the best ecommerce sites or manufacturers i can buy wedding and decoration materials i.e. flowers, vases, party accessories etc, from.
    Again, do you help source or buy on customers’ requests and what are your billings?
    I have a shipping agent in China, can you help me buy my goods and send to my agent?
    Many thanks for your good response.

  10. Malik says:

    Where I can find table lamps …….. In China

  11. Ziana says:

    Hello i would like to import ladies fashion shoes from yuwi
    Eg expadrillas shoes

  12. Sami says:

    Hi sir I m Sami imwant to buy photo frames n album which is the best place for it its gounzhou or Yiwu so plz suggest me I m coming China next week n sent ur contact num also

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